End of Q2 Results for Broadway’s 2016-17 Season.

That’s it.  She’s half over.

Believe it or not, Ripley once said, but we are halfway to this year’s Tony Awards already.  Can you believe it?

If it feels like not much has happened this season so far, that’s because it hasn’t.  Our season is so back-loaded nowadays, that the season doesn’t really get firing until late Q3 and Q4.  So don’t worry, lots of good stuff is to come.

But before we get there, let’s see how this year is stacking up compared to last year.

Drumroll please . . .


  • During the first half of this season, Broadway has grossed a total of $660,050,211.
  • Last season at the end of Q2 we had grossed $663,550,185.
  • That’s down .5% from last year.


  • 6,365,273 people have seen Broadway shows so far this season.
  • 6,354,205 people had seen Broadway shows at the same time last year.
  • That’s up .2% from last season.


  • There were 765 playing weeks so far this season.
  • There were 759 playing weeks last season.
  • That’s an increase of .8% over last year.

We picked up a bit of slack after a disappointing Q1 to get back to flat from last season across all three categories.  While I’d normally say that bodes well for the season, considering we do have all those shows yet to come.

But don’t forget, two long-runners (Jersey Boys & Matilda) both fall away right after the new year.  The loss of those two shows will offset some of the gains we’d normally see in Q3.

So, my prediction is that 13 weeks from now, I’ll be reporting figures that are flatter than a flapjack.

See you then to see if I’m right.


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