Podcast Episode 98 – Alex Timbers

It was just a bunch of baseball hats.

But I saw brilliance.

The baseball hats were part of the concept for Gutenberg! The Musical! , the first show I ever saw that Alex Timbers directed.  And I remember scrambling through my Off Broadway faux Playbill to find out who this guy was because I knew he was going places.

And oh the places he went, and the places he is going.

But what I’ve found the most interesting is the entrepreneurial way he got on the most-sought-after-directors-list, that has him helming upcoming marquee titles like Moulin Rouge! and Beetlejuice.

It’s a lesson for all the directors, writers (Alex does that too), restaurant owners . . . and even guys who invent new printing presses like Gutenberg.

Tune into this, our 98th podcast, to hear talk about his experimental beginnings and . . .

  • Why most new theater companies never make it past the first year, and how he made sure his did.
  • How a log line of a project helps him decide to do it . . . or not.
  • What a right-wing Christian preacher has to do with his success.
  • What’s going to become of the “immersive” movement.
  • How he matches up the people he wants to work with, with the projects he’s working on (or how The Robber Bridegroom came to be).

Alex is one of those people that proves to me once again, that it takes more than just artistic talent to make it in this, or in any, business.  It takes an innate knowledge of how a business works, and the entrepreneurial spirit to figure out how to make it work for you.

Listen to the podcast, and let him help you get on the right path to wherever you want to go.

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