Your 2016 Broadway Black Friday Holiday Gift Gettin’ List.

Welcome shoppers!

I know, I know, you can’t believe it.  Black Friday is already here.  (Has anyone seen October, by the way?  Where oh where did that month go?  Here October!  Here, buddy!)

Black Friday, or BF, as I like to call it (‘cuz I’m hip like that) is of course one of the busiest shopping days of the year.  But if you’re like me, you do your shoppin’ from the comfort of your own home, right in front of your computer.  If you’re also like me, then you try to do your shopping supes early (there I am, being hip-cat again) . . . like today-early, because it gets it out of the way, and because online shopping is a great excuse to take a break from your cuckoo family for a few hours if you’re home for Thanksgiving.

To help you save some gift-buyin’ time, I’ve compiled a list of my Top 10 Broadway gifts this holiday season.  And you can grab them all with a couple of clicks (and save money too!).

And here it is, my 2016 Broadway Holiday Gift Buying Guide:

1. Hamilton:  The Revolution

If you can’t drop the thousand-plus bucks for tickets to see Hamilton for the sweetie in your life, or you live too far away from the bright lights of Hamiltonian Broadway, this fantastic book is the next best thing.  It’s 288 jam-packed pages will keep the recipient well occupied . . . maybe until ticket prices come down.

2.  Be A Broadway Star Board Game

Yes, full disclaimer, this one is mine.  But it’s such a no-brainer gift for anyone who loves Broadway, it’s always top of my mind for Broadway gifts.  The game itself is like Life with a dash of charades . . . but Broadway style.  Win Tonys, Audition for Wicked, and the person with the most fans wins.  Fun, right?  There’s a reason it’s the best selling Broadway gift on Amazon every year.  But don’t take my word for it.  If you want some objective advice, go check out the 40 FIVE star reviews on Amazon.

3.  BroadwayHD

Another great gift for the Broadway lover who may be a plane, train or automobile away from the Great White Way . . . but still wants to see everything they can get their eyeballs on.  Get ’em a subscription to BroadwayHD and see shows like last season’s award winning revival of She Loves Me, Hugh Jackman in Oklahoma and many more.

4.  Playbill Pajamas

Ask a Broadway what they’d rather see on their loved one at bedtime . . . Victoria Secret teddies or silk boxers?  Or Playbill PJS.  ‘Nuff said.

5.  The Untold Stories of Broadway:  Volume 3!

That’s right, Broadway peeps, the new volume is out!  The first TWO collections of real stories from Broadway vets like Patti LuPone, Raul Esparza (and even a few by me) were big sellers to Broadway fans . . . so naturally I expect this one will be under a lot of trees this season.  Author Jen Tepper, who also has a terrific twitter account, has always had a way of getting people to spill their secrets (I should know, she used to work for me) . . . and these books don’t disappoint.  Want to really impress someone?  Get Vol 1 – 3.

6.  Learn the biz of Broadway with these online courses.

Last year I started answering questions from you, my readers, with monthly webinars on everything from How To Raise Front Money to How To Make A Living Through Licensing.  Because I know so many people missed those webinars, I turned them all into home study courses which you can now get in my bookstore here.  And just for Black Friday, I’m taking $50 off ’em all, when you use code:  blackfriday.  Perfect for the writer in your life looking to self produce or the budding Producer (or me about twenty years ago).

7.  Broadway Fantasy Camp

Here’s one for the Broadway fan who has everything!  You’ve heard of baseball Fantasy Camp or Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy Camp?  Here comes the Broadway version.  This is your chance to act, sing or dance with Broadway pros with a curated program designed just for you.  Wait until your friends here that you sang on Broadway!

8.  Anything from Broadway Cares

Give the gift that gives back when you get anything from BC/EFA.  From their Broadway snow globes to Broadway ornaments to a 1992 Jerry Mitchell Broadway Bares “solo strip” DVD (hubba, hubba) these gifts will make the giver and the getter feels good all over.

9.  Razzle Dazzle

You may not like to read Michael Riedel’s gossipy column in the NY Post, but I promise you’re gonna love reading this tell-all about the modern history of Broadway, including all the power struggles between theater owners, unions, stars and more.  You know how you were required to take US History when you were in high school?  Everyone should be required to read Razzle Dazzle if you love Broadway.

10.  And of course, TICKETS!

No list would be complete without suggesting you get tickets for the Broadway lover in your life.  Unfortunately, we don’t make this easy on Broadway.  You can’t get gift cards for specific shows, but you can get Telecharge Gift Cards and Ticketmaster Gift Cards.

Some honorable mentions this year go to John Breglio’s book I Wanna Be A Producer, good ol’ iTunes gift cards for the latest cast recordings, and homemade gifts on Etsy!

If you’ve got an idea for a Broadway gift for the holiday season, slap it down in the comments below (I just can’t help but be hip, now can I?)

Happy Black Friday, Broadway shoppers!


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