Freebie Friday: Get Free Script Coverage!


That’s right.  No typo there.  Two Fs in that Acronym.  Thank G-D it’s F@#$ing Friday.  Am I right, people?

In the spirit of celebrating the upcoming weekend, we’re instituting a new feature here at TheProducersPerspective . . . Freebie Friday!

Unlike the Sunday Giveaways we used to do, we’re only going to do this sporadically, when we have something super compelling and of exceptional value (Broadway Tickets, Free Space at my Theater, etc.), so as not to clog your inbox or your Facebook feeds.  Sound good?

And to kick it off, we’re going to revive one of the most popular Giveaways we did in 2016 . . . free Script Coverage by my crackerjack Director of Creative Development (the guy that tells me what I should see/read and what I shouldn’t), Monsieur Eric Webb.

The winner of this Freebie Friday will get a complete written evaluation of their script (play or musical) by Eric, including a detailed list of strengths and weaknesses, as well as recommended action items for your next rewrite.

As you’ll see from these testimonials, Eric’s work is killer.

And the winner will get the same coverage Eric offers his clients (worth $450) for free.

To enter, click here!

The contest will run from today through next Sunday, the 22nd and the winner will be announced on the blog on Monday, January 23rd.

Good luck to everyone.  And here’s to getting your script in tip-top shape.

Click here to enter to win free Script Coverage.

And happy FF!


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  • Michael Diamond says:

    I see no primary entry button when I click to enter…??? Just a page that asks me to tell other people about submitting. I have tried this twice and where is the primary entry button?

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