An old school rule of advertising that is so easy to forget.

Way back in September 2016 BE (Before the Election), I put a call out to Writers everywhere looking to get hooked up with other Writers or Producers looking for Writers to submit their stuff to our under construction Writer Database.

We modeled the WD after our Director Database that we had built several months before, and that had already gotten a bunch of directors gigs.  Since that was so successful, we thought, “Hey, we gotta do one for Writers.”

So we did.  And a whole bunch of you submitted.

But it was less than I thought, considering how many Writers I know are out there looking for work.

That’s when I remembered  one of the rules of advertising that is the most easy to forget.

Ready for it?

Just because you place an ad, it doesn’t mean people will see it.

When I’m advertising a show, the board game, or anything I do, I obsess about every detail.  The size of the font, the verbiage, the image, and so on.

We spend so much time on the advertising, and we stare at it so often, that we just naturally assume everyone out there is going to see it.

The fact is that most people won’t.  And even the ones that do, won’t look at it for very long.

I’ve produced entire shows that cost millions of dollars and run into people who say, “I didn’t even know that was running.”


This old school rule is what gave birth to the advertising adage of “it takes 5/8/x impressions to make a sale.”

Why sure, you can and should get some kind of response with one ad or one mention (just like we got a nice start on our Writer Database  of over 100 folks), but if you want a big, long, and lasting response, you’ve got to advertise again and again.

And by the way, I’m not just talking about your advertising campaigns for shows.  I’m talking about your advertising campaigns for raising money, trying to get an agent, etc.

One and done doesn’t work.

Drip, drip, drip . . . or what I call Chinese Water Torture Advertising is the only way to make someone pay attention.

And in that spirit, I thought I’d put out another call for Writers to submit to our Writer Database!  (Because I’d bet so many of you didn’t even see it the first time, right?  Or you forgot?)

If you’re a writer and want to advertise your writing wares, then click here and we’ll add you to the 150+ who did respond to that first ad.

Oh, and I forgot to say . . . The Database is LIVE!

If you’re looking for a Writer (or a Director for that matter), click here.  Both Databases live in the heart of TheProducersPerpsectivePRO and you can scroll through and get resumes, bios and contact info for all of ’em.

And now is a perfect time to join PRO, by the way . . . because we have a networking event coming up next Thursday, April 6th . . . just for Pro Members.  And you know what counts for three impressions?  An in-person impression. 🙂  Sign up to get all the deets.

Hope to see you there!


– – – – –

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