Save the Cat!

If you were looking for a funny cat video when you opened this, I’m going to disappoint you.

But if you were looking for a way to improve your script, then you’ve opened the right post, my writing friend!

Just the other day, a Broadway A-list Director recommended a great book to me that she uses when she develops new plays and musicals. Since I respect this Director a @#$%-ton, I grabbed the book, devoured it, and liked it so much, I wanted to send it on to you.

It’s called Save The Cat.

Technically it’s a screenwriting book, but the principles work for the stage as well . . . especially if you are writing a musical. (The title alone is genius, as you’ll see when you read the book – and it’s one of the most important things I talk about when doing script coverage.)

Pick it up. It’s a good one (especially if you want to write movies someday.)
Have a wonderful weekend of writing!


P.S. Ok! Ok! Here’s a cat video for you . . .


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