ALERT: Watch me pitch Once on this Island on SHARK TANK tonight!

If you’re a long time reader of the blog, then you know that one of my missions is to get Broadway more and more respect from the traditional business world.  I’m frustrated with people thinking that Broadway Investing is like “putting a match to your money,” as one potential investor once said to me.

And what better way to show the world the true potential of Broadway investing and owning a piece of a Broadway show than by pitching it to the most shrewd business leaders around, and letting everyone else watch.

That’s why I sent an email to the producers of Shark Tank a few months ago, pulled a few strings (I do know a few folks that are close to those sharks – I bought my apartment from Barbara Corcoran’s company), and got myself a slot on the show for Once on this Island!

And it’s on tonight!

I hope you tune in.  I think I made a pretty good case for Broadway as a whole, but then again, you never know what reality TV producers will do in the edit room.  (And I did get in a bit of a tussle with Mark Cuban.)  And after crowdfunding Godspell, I just think that private equity is the next door Broadway Producers should open.

I can’t tell you if anyone of them took the deal . . . but I can tell you that I’m certainly going to get a lot of press for the show, right?  So that’s a win.  🙂

Here are the details of the appearance, so you can watch as the pitching happens, or you can set your DVR.

Ken on Shark Tank
8 PM
Saturday, April 1st, 2017.
Also known as . . . April Fool’s Day

Did I get ya?

Have a foolish day, everyone.  🙂

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