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Hey Writers,


I was on a coaching Skype call recently with one of my ProducersPerspectivePRO “Lead Producers” and they asked me about making offers to celebrities to be in their show, and asking other celebs just to come see their show (the right tweet from the right star can mean instant ticket sales).
This call made me think that many of you might be in the same boat, so I thought I’d share with you some of the tools we use to find these folks.

Maybe you want to make an offer to an actor to star in your show.


Maybe you want a celeb to direct your show (this is a great strategy, by the way – most actors want to direct so this is a great way to get a celeb involved with your show who may not have the time to act in it).


Or maybe you just want to invite celebs to see your show.


But you gotta know where to reach out, right?


Here are a couple of tips on how to find contact info for stars.


A lot of folks out there use IMDBPro, which is a good resource for getting an actor’s agent info.  And I use it too.  But you know me, I also like to use tools that not everyone else is using.  Because if everyone is getting to a party via one road, you know there’s going to be a lot of traffic.  Better to find another route.  🙂


That’s why I also use, which is a lesser known site, but its sole purpose is to get you the most accurate information on getting in touch with a celeb.


We use it for invites, casting offers, press and more.  Most of the stars listed have multiple contacts (for multiple impressions!) and the site even gives charity tie-ins and guarantees the contact info as being up to date.


They offer a free trial so if you’ve got the need for a celeb, I’d check it out.


And again, don’t think that celebrities are just assets when they are in a show.  You know when the original Broadway production of The Color Purple started really selling tickets?  When Oprah came aboard as a producer.


Have a great weekend, and remember . . . whatever happens, keep writing!




  • Bob Canning says:

    Dear Ken:

    You’re absolutely right about the value of IMDbPro (this is how I found an Oscar winning actress’ business/home address, and now I am working with her PA on a screenplay).

    However, after subscribing to ContactAnyCelebirty for a year or two, I discovered was actually a bit more helpful. For me, at least. Again, that’s how I found the agent to a famous comedy actress who seems to be very receptive to a farce I wrote. However, right now I continue to waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait.

    And let’s not forget http://www.PlaybillPro.Com. I found great leads, including one producer also interested in the same play.

    As for FREE leads for submitting play scripts, I find http://www.NYCPlaywrights to be an excellent source – and did I say, it’s FREE?!

    So, I hope my fellow playwrights benefit from the combined info.

    Thanks, Ken.


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