Join The Producer’s Perspective Writer’s Club!

This idea comes courtesy of YOU!

We’ve had such success with our Mastermind program . . . which consists of small groups of passionate achievers getting together monthly to help each other crush the obstacles in their way on their path to success . . . that many of you have asked about a program specifically tailored to Writers!


We listened, and are proud to introduce . . . The Producer’s Perspective WRITER’S CLUB!


THIS group is all about the craft itself and will include regular presentations of your work, feedback from an expert, as well as feedback from your peers.


Accountability, Structure, and Peer Review:  The three ingredients necessary for success in writing and in ANYTHING.   (Similar to programs like BMI, etc.)


Because let’s face it.  It’s hard to write by yourself . . . with only YOU to enforce deadlines, make sure you keep writing, and to give yourself objective feedback.


It’s just so hard to get better by yourself.  And it’s just so hard to get anything done by yourself.


But in a group setting?  Around other people trying to achieve the same things you are, who not only help you become a better writer but also inspiring you to keep writing?  Well, that’s where the good stuff happens.,


And boom, you get a fantastic networking opportunity at the same time.


The Writer’s Club will consist of 12 (and only 12) passionate and committed writers, who will meet once a month and present their own material, and contribute feedback on the material of their peers.  Participants will be required to present material on whatever project you’re working on at least once every other session.


You can bring a scene from a play, a song from a musical, whatever you’d like . . . but you have to contribute.  Because we’re looking for Writer’s here.  Not folks who say they are Writers but actually don’t write.


The Club will be led by none other than my Director of Creative Development, Eric Webb. Eric is one the best dramaturgs I know, which is why he evaluates all the submissions we get and helps me choose which projects we should pursue. It’s why he has also been on the selection committee for NYMF and more.  (For those of you who have gotten his script coverage, well, you know how good he is.)


Because there are only 12 spots available, and because we’re only looking for “A Few Good Writers” who are super committed to their craft, you must apply if you’re interested in a spot.


I’m so excited that you guys were interested in this. And can’t wait to see the amazing projects that come out of it.





P.S.  We’re picking our lucky dozen by 5/26, one week from today. So you must apply by May 25th!  Click here.

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