The Real Key To Success

Hey Writers,


If you follow me on Twitter or “like me” on Facebook, then you may have caught a link I shared from Entrepreneur Magazine this very AM about the “12 Habits of Highly Effective Entrepreneurs.”


It makes sense that I read Entrepreneur, right?  And that I’d be fascinated by the habits of the effective entrepreneurs out there.  After all, I’m a business guy, right?  I produce shows.  I created a board game. I run a company that sells Broadway tickets to high schools, senior groups, etc.


I’m an entrepreneur.


But here’s the thing, my dear writer . . .


So are you.


If you think the key to success as a writer is just shutting yourself in a room and writing all day long, by yourself, with just you and a laptop, then, well, you probably shouldn’t even be reading this (go ahead, close the page, because there’s nothing more I can say to help you get where you want to be).


Why sure, locking yourself in a room and writing could, I guess, lead you to a successful career as a writer.  That is, if someone trips over your script one day, probably after you’ve gone on to green pastures.  The chances of being “discovered” are probably like winning the lottery.


The sure-fire way to success NOW is to think of yourself as not only a writer but also as an entrepreneur.  Run your writing like I run my board game company, or my group sales company, and I guarantee you’ll have the success you want . . . even faster than you could ever imagine.


Need a head start?  Read that article from Entrepreneur that I tweeted this AM!  It’s free and it’s right here.  It shares great tips that you can start using right away, about everything, including . . .


  • Staying hydrated
  • Getting a mentor or coach
  • Joining groups filled with folks just like you
  • Continuing your education

And one of my favorites . . .

  • Ignoring naysayers (i.e. reviewers!)
If you start treating your career like a business, this business will respond.  It’s just what happens. Watch.


Have a great weekend, and keep writing!



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