Miss Daddy Long Legs? It’s baaaaaack!

Remember that time we live streamed Daddy Long Legs, and it was the first ever Broadway or Off Broadway show to get that digital treatment . . . ever?

And remember when over 150,000 people tuned in from over 130 countries around the world?

If you were one of the folks that missed it, or if you saw it on the live stream or live-live at my theater and just miss that super-sweet musical (and the amazing performances from real-life married couple (and now new parents!) Megan McGinnis and Adam Halpin), guess what …we’ve brought it back for you.

The folks at BroadwayHD were fans of the live stream, so they reached out and made it possible for you to see it on their network (big props to Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley for adding us to their catalog and building BroadwayHD in the first place).

And it’s available NOW.

Click here to see it.

And for you theater companies out there . . . after you watch it, I have a feeling you’ll want to DO it (it’s 2 people, a unit set, and features a gorgeous score by Paul Gordon and a Drama Desk Award-winning book by John Caird), click here for info on how to perform it in your town . . . because (insert trumpet sounds), the rights are now fully available all over the world!

Enjoy it on HD.

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