What I loved about La La Land.

I finally found a couple hours in my calendar to watch La La Land last week (I was on a plane – best place to catch up on movies everything).

Did you see it?

I liked it.

But I loved its message.

Without giving away too many spoilers, La La Land is a great reminder that any business in the arts, whether that’s movies or the theater, is ultra competitive.

That’s why all of us need an edge.

And not only that, but the movie also reminds us that often those who achieve the success we all want doesn’t have anything to do with who has the most talent.

It’s about those who do something with that talent, and don’t wait for other people to give them a “chance.”

You can spend years or even decades banging on the door of these closed-door industries, waiting for someone to let you in.

Or you can skip the line at the front door, and quickly go right in through the back door.

And if you’re anything like me, you do NOT like waiting. For anything. Especially when it has to do with your dream of writing, directing, producing, acting, or whatever the heck you want to be in this biz.

That’s why you MUST go through the back door. Because the line at the front is too long, and you don’t want to wait. And there is no guarantee that even if you DO wait, you’ll end up getting to do what you want to do.

So what is that back door? It’s the same one so many of the Tony winners, nominees, and other Broadway Pros who have been on my podcast have told me they used to get to where they are today.  Folks like Alex TimbersAndrew Lippa and countless others.

What did these Pros do?

They self-produced.

They didn’t wait for anyone to give them permission to put on their shows. They put them on themselves.

Because of that, all these Broadway super powers and so many others, have the careers they do today.

And yeah, if you’re wondering, it’s what I did too.

That’s why this Wednesday, just two days from now, I’m teaching an online workshop called:

The Secrets of Self Producing Successfully . .. and Why You Should.

In this 60 minute virtual course (with me as your host), you’ll learn:

  • How to Self Produce and make it look like you’re not.
  • Tips on how to raise money when you’ve also written the show (not as tricky as you think!).
  • Avoiding the dreaded and publicity killing “V Word.” (Know what it is?)
  • The one thing you MUST do if you self-produce.
  • What to do when your show is done to make sure it and you move FORWARD.

And there will be a full on Q&A after the above agenda to answer your specific questions about self-producing your stuff.

The workshop is this Wednesday, June 14th at 7 PM. But if you can’t make it, you can register and we’ll send you the file to listen to later (stopping and starting as you wish!).

I’ve taught this course live before for $350. But the online workshop is only $179.

And if you want, you can get it free when you join TheProducersPerspectivePRO for only $97 (A savings of over $80).

Get the workshop here.

Or join Pro here.

Because if you’re a writer, producer, director, actor or anyone who has a script, a project, an idea, or just the desire and the dream to do something in the theater, then this is the workshop for you . . . more than any of the others I’ve taught.

So I hope to see you there.

But whatever you do . . . no more waiting around for people to give you permission.

La La Land was a movie. This is your life.

Time to make something happen . . . now.

Hope to see you at the workshop.

Sign up here . . . or lean more about PRO and how you can save over $80 on this workshop and get tons more training just like it for free here.

Oh, and like all my other workshops, this one is guaranteed. If I don’t give you the tools to get you and your show off the ground, then just shoot me an email . . . one email, and get a quick refund. No questions.

You should also know that I don’t like to repeat myself (that’s why I haven’t crowdfunded a show like I did on Godspell by the way).  So I’m only teaching this course once. This is your chance to get it. And it’s in 2 days!  Click here.


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