Who won the $500 in our 2017 Tony Awards Pool?

You may recall that we ran an online Tony Pool over the past several weeks.  And it is now time to crown the winner . . .

Ok, well, not just yet.

Before we announce who won the 500 smackeroos . . . let’s take a look at how you all did, as a majority.

This past Saturday,  I posted what you all thought was going to go down on Tony night. How did you do?

Not so bad.  You got 79% of the answers right.   A high C+.  Oh come, come now.  Don’t be sad, you overachievers you.  Honestly, you bested me.

The awards you got wrong?

  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Role in a Play:  You guessed DeVito.  The winner was Michael Aronov for Oslo.
  • Best Costume Design of a Musical:  You guessed The Great Comet.  The winner was Santo Loquasto for Hello, Dolly! 
  • Best Direction of a Play:  You guessed Oslo.  The winner was Rebecca Taichman for Indecent.  
  • Best Direction of a Musical:  You guessed The Great Comet.  The winner was Christopher Ashley for Come From Away.  
  • Best Orchestration: You guessed The Great Comet.  The winner was Alex Lacamoire for Dear Evan Hansen.

But still, guys, come on. 79.5% is pretty damn good.

It’s no 87.5% though . . . and that is what our winner scored, missing just 3 of the winners.  Pretty sweet, huh?  Remind me to hire that guy to pick my projects for me.

And that guy is . . . Glenn Gralak!!!

Congratulations, Glenn.  Drop me an email and collect your prize.

For the rest of us (myself included), there is always next year.

Need to see a full list of the winners?  Click here.

– – – – – –

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