What an ’80s Toy has to do with your goals in this biz.

I don’t know why it’s so difficult to ask for help . . . but for most Type A (with A standing for Ambition) Artists and Entrepreneurs, raising your hand and saying, “I can’t do this on my own,” is hard.

Admit it.  Cuz that’s the first step in overcoming it.

I think the reason it’s so hard has something to do with the peer pressure we get when we’re kids.  Unfortunately, in a lot of schools, the kids that raise their hands aren’t looked upon as the cool kids.  I remember that fateful day in French class in 9th grade when I raised my hand and heard someone call me a nerd from a few rows back.  (I transferred to another school three months later where it was much more accepted to ask questions.)

Whatever the reason, it’s challenging for people who feel they should be self-reliant to ask for assistance.

But we should.

Because when you have help, things get done better and… get this…faster. And isn’t that what we all want?

So whatever you’re pursuing, whether it be writing, or producing…or yodeling…you can get a coach, a tutor, a class . . . or you can just get a Buddy.  Yep, YOUR Buddy.  Just like the ’80s Toy “My Buddy” (remember that theme song?).

But the Buddy I’m talking about is free.  And doesn’t have a plastic head.

You need a real Buddy. The kind you had when you were a kid on a field trip and had to hold hands with a fellow classmate to make sure you both got where you were going.  That kind of Buddy.

Except this time, you’re not going on a field trip.  You’re going somewhere far more important…you’re going to Accomplishment Land.

And that’s so much easier with a Buddy.

I’m talking about finding someone that you can write with.  Someone that you can yodel with.  Someone that you can . . . dream with.

You may already be doing this in other areas of your life, so why not this one?

You know how going to the gym is easier if someone goes with you?  You know how staying on a diet is easier if the person with you isn’t pigging out on pizza?

The same is true for anything you’re trying to accomplish.

I guarantee you, you’ll get more writing done if you set a date with a Buddy for a specific time and place when the two of you are going to do nothing but write.  And when you take a break, you’ll talk about your projects…which will get you more amped up…which will make you want to write even more.

Better and faster.  It’s the Buddy method.

And it’s guaranteed.

So if you’re trying to finish a play, or a movie, or even better, if you’re trying to start a play or a movie, find someone that you can hold hands with and walk down the road together.

You’ll not only get there faster, but it’ll be a much more enjoyable journey.

– – – – –

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