Podcast Episode 122 – Sara Fitzpatrick.

If you have your ear to the Broadway advertising ground these days, you’ll hear the rumble of more and more Broadway Producers allocating even more money to online initiatives.  Why sure, we’ve been advertising our shows on the world wide interwebs for several years now, the targeting technology has advanced so much over the past few years months that we’re shifting into another, higher gear, and putting the pedal to the metal in this medium.

Luckily we Producers have people like Sara Fitzpatrick to sit in our passenger seat and guide us along the way.

Sara has been online as long as online exists (even having her own blog back in the day) and now she runs Arthouse Interactive, a boutique digital agency that handles shows like Come From Away and Stomp but also Rouge makeup salons, dance competitions and even the World Science Festival.

Her ability across various industries demonstrates her mastery of the basic principles of marketing, as well as her ability to stay on the cutting edge.  (Because other industries don’t lag behind like we do!)

Sara and I chat a lot.  This time we recorded it.  And now you can listen in as we talked . . .

  • How she learned marketing from managing her dad’s restaurant.
  • What she learned about selling theater tickets by setting up a booth in Malls on Long Island.
  • Why a creative team should be involved with your marketing campaign . . . especially if you have no money.
  • The biggest mistake big Broadway shows make in marketing, and how you can avoid making the same one.
  • Will we be all digital soon? Or is there still room for print and TV?

If you have a Broadway opening in the next six months, or if you have a fringe festival opening in the next six days, listening to Sara will help you sell more tickets.   Period.

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Sorry about the sound issues in this podcast. We found the bug and fixed it in later episodes. It gets better, I promise 🙂


  • Thanks, Ken. Your interview with Sara was interesting and enjoyable. Digital advertising is the primary vehicle now for promoting theatrical productions. Access to instant audio and/or video based ads is slowly putting newspapers, as well as post offices, malls, etc. out of business.

  • Michele Hammond says:

    I totally enjoyed this. Sara was a student of mine in HS (theater and chorus) and I am so happy for her and her amazing accomplishments.

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