Podcast Episode 133 – Jonathan Rand

Jonathan Rand has had over 4,000 productions of one . . . just ONE of his many plays.

Then how come you never heard of him?

Because this art-repreneur used a bit of Chris Anderson “Long Tail” theory to focus on a niche . . . and he has blown it up into a very successful, full-time writing career.

And none of this shows have ever been in New York City.

I’m not going to reveal all the secrets to how he built his career in this preamble to the podcast, so if you want the full story, you’ve got to listen in and hear Jonathan talk about:

  • How entering a contest kicked-off his writing career.
  • How a couple lines of HTML and ZERO expectations changed his life.
  • What high schools are looking for when they decide to license a play.
  • The day he founded Playscripts and why (the most successful artists I know have great business skills – and this is one of the best examples in our industry).
  • How plays are discovered by the subsidiary market, how that’s going to change, and what you can do to get your stuff noticed.

I’m constantly asked whether or not it’s possible to get your shows produced if they haven’t been seen in NYC.

The answer?  Yes.  Thousands and thousands of times over.

Listen in to hear how.

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  • Carrie Bodell says:

    Excellent interview! I don’t see myself living in NYC, so it’s nice to know that there are opportunities for those of us who want to “be a part of it” but don’t live in the Big Apple!

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