Episode 139 – Mike Rafael

10 years ago, Mike Rafael’s job didn’t exist.

And now, it could be one of the most important jobs on Broadway.

Since the arrival of variable pricing on Broadway, Producers have been scrambling to assign the role of determining not only what to charge per ticket, but more importantly, when to charge what per ticket.

Is it the GM’s responsibility?  The Advertising Agency’s?  Who does it?

Whenever something is this valuable (I’d credit variable pricing with what got Come From Away to recoupment so quickly), there’s an opening for a new job on Broadway . . . and thus the analyst was born.

And Mike Rafael, who has worked in the ticketing world for decades, was perfectly positioned to jump into the game, and help shows price up and down according to what the market demands.

Listen in to today’s podcast for Mike’s expert advice on how to price your shows as well as:

  • Why he learned what he knows from working Off-Broadway.
  • How the price of your ticket tells a story about your show.
  • The very first thing he does when he takes on a client.
  • What he thinks about papering during previews.
  • His idea of how we should work with the secondary market.

If I could only name ONE thing that has had the biggest impact on the financial picture of Broadway in the last ten years, it would be variable pricing.

And we’re just at the beginning.

Listen in, and learn, so you’re prepped for the future.

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  • Carvanpool says:

    I think the word “fascinating” is way overused by this fellow. Like many self-promoters, he speaks about obvious things as if he somehow discovered something new.

    As we all know, it’s all about demand. If the audience wants the show, they’ll buy it. All the new mumbo-jumbo has never turned a middling show into a hit. But, it is yet another expense for producers to pay guys like this.

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