Podcast Episode 137 – Trip Cullman


Any Director that gets one show on the NY boards a season is a success.

Last spring, Trip Cullman hit a triple . . . with two shows on Broadway (Six Degrees and Significant Other) and yet another Off Broadway (Yen). . . in one effin’ season!  (The time management of all that makes my head spin.)

You don’t get those kinds of opportunities without talent and trust from your Writers and Producers.

Trip and I talked about how he got to the major leagues as well as  . . .

  • Why the first thing he does when he takes a job is make a mixtape!
  • The super-secret, age-old blocking technique that you’ve got to try.
  • What shocked him about directing on Broadway.
  • Who he likes working with the most when he develops a new work (it’s not who you think).
  • Why he reads reviews but doesn’t read chat boards.

Trip’s got a few more shows coming down the pike this year, including the upcoming Broadway revival of Lobby Hero, among others.

And I have this feeling that last season’s triple play, will soon be followed by a home run.

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