Our 2017 Broadway Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts For . . . You?

Special Saturday Post Y’all!

And it’s for all you folks that are reading this on your mobile device at the Mall.

(Who am I kidding – you’re all shopping online, aren’t you?  I’ve actually made it a goal of mine to not step foot in one actual store this holiday season!)

We’ve done these Broadway Gift Guides every year, but here’s what I’ve discovered from your feedback.

In addition to helping people find gifts for their theatrical-loving loved ones, these lists have been more helpful for theater lovers who need a suggestion list to send to their friends and family!

Cuz let’s face it, if you love Broadway and want to figure out how to get your show or yourself TO Broadway, then you’re tricky to buy for.

So if you’re a Producer, Writer, Actor or just a theater lover, here’s some stuff for your wish list, or if you know someone like this, here are some unique, hard-to-find gifts that will make you the best Santa around.

1. Be A Broadway Star

We’ve always got to start with “Amazon’s Choice” Broadway gift, our best-selling, and the ONLY, Broadway board game on the market, Be A Broadway Star, the board game that puts YOU in the spotlight!

This isn’t your typical board game. This is a Broadway board game! And that means you’ll have lots of chances to show off your stuff along the way, with interactive “make or break” cards that just might have you singing and dancing on your turn!

Get your limited edition copy today! Get it here and play during the holidays!  (For adults, email me for the drinking game version . . . it’s hilarious.)

2.  “How to Succeed in the Arts . . . Or in Anything!

Need a cheap stocking stuffer with practical tips on how to build a career in the arts?  Snag a copy of my book “How to Succeed in the Arts . . . Or in Anything!”

If you’ve imagined being a Producer or a Writer. . .an Actor or a Director. . .or a real estate investor, hedge fund dude, or even a world champion poker player. . . you can do it.  Get my step-by-step guide here.

3.  My Broadway Binder!

Here’s something we originally made as a gift for our Investors, and now we’ve made a version available to you.  What does every true Broadway fan have A TON of?  Programs!  Here’s a place for you to store ’em and show them off to all your friends.   Buy it here.

4.  The Producer’s Perspective PRO

The Producer’s Perspective PRO is the perfect gift for any Writer or Producer. This educational online resource is packed with training courses covering a range of topics all about how to get your show off the ground and on Broadway.  And it’s the ONLY site of it’s kind on the web.  Register here.

5. Once On This Island

If you loved my Spring Awakening directed by Michael Arden, if you love Ahrens and Flaherty, if you love great musical theater period, you’ll love this and so will the theater lover in your life.  Get tickets here.  If you don’t love it, I’ll pick something else on this list and give it to you.

6.  Gettin’ The Band Back Together

I first came up with the idea for Gettin’ The Band Back Together  in 2009!  And it’s finally happening on Broadway this coming summer!  As a special promotion, never been done on Broadway before, I’ve introduced “conference style” pricing, which means you can get tickets until 12/31/17 for only $99.  So if you think you’d want to go later, you’re better off gettin’ ’em as a gift now. Come see what John Rando, The Tony Award-winning director of Urinetown does with my script that The New York Times already called “A feel-good class act! A playful, irreverent, and genuinely funny musical.” Get tickets for only $99 here.

 7.  The Producer’s Perspective Super Conference

Our first conference this past year was such a big hit that we’re doing it again in 2018.  And we’ve already sold a bunch of tickets!  Based on the # we’ve sold already, we’re expecting a sell out this year. If you’re searching for an in depth look at the theatre industry, then The Producer’s Perspective Super Conference is your chance to learn from the very best in the business. Held on November 10th & 11th, 2018 in New York City, it’s the perfect place to learn what you can’t learn anywhere else, from people that have achieved the success we all strive for. Register for the Conference here.

8.  The Broadway Coloring Book

Created by my own Director of Marketing, Monica Hammond (I have such a multi-talented staff), The Broadway Coloring Book is available as an instant download PDF for you to print, color and enjoy right away or gift to friends! This 10 page coloring book features hand-drawn scenes from some classic Broadway shows, including Mamma MiaChicagoCabaretGypsy and more! Color the costumes and sets of Broadway as many times as you like! Download your copy now!

9. “How to Write a Script in 30 Days

Did you know I wrote a second book?  As you know I’m all about setting goals, and deadlines for your goals.  If you’ve got an idea you KNOW will work if you could just get it to paper . . . or if you know someone with an idea that is looking for a little practical help getting it done, this is an under $20 gift to help. Get your copy here.

10.  Daddy Long Legs Cast Recording

Did you catch the Daddy Long Legs live stream or see the Off Broadway production in person? If you did, you’ll know just how special the Original Off Broadway Cast Recording is. Featuring Megan McGinnis and Paul Alexander Nolan, this gorgeous cast recording will make your heart sing. Get it here. You can also listen to Megan McGinnis narrating the story of Daddy Long Legs by clicking here to get the audiobook.

Happy shopping, everyone!


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