Another mission . . . and we’ve chosen to accept it.

I started this blog over 10 years ago to help demystify the producing process, and shine a spotlight on the business of Broadway . . . challenging some norms, accepting others, and attempting to amplify the conversation about the theater.

Because if more people talk about it, more people will want to see it.  And the more people that want to see it, the more people that will want to make it.

And I believe that if there is more theater in the world, the world will be a better place.

At our Davenport Theatrical company retreat a few weeks ago, we talked about doubling down on this message and finding new ways to help make more theater happen.

And like anything and everything we want to accomplish, it all starts with a goal.

So we made one.

And it’s a doozy.  In fact, it’s a BHAG.  But we’re going for it.

Our goal is to help get 5,000 shows produced by the year 2025.

Obviously, that isn’t going to be all of our own shows.  I’m a pretty prolific producer, but anything beyond 2-3 shows a year is too much to handle in my opinion (never mind the competing with yourself aspect).

So we’re going to do more to help you get your shows produced . . . whether that’s at a festival, a community theater, an Off Broadway theater, or yep, here on Broadway.

How will we do that?

Good question . . .

We’ve already started some of our new initiatives, including my new Whiteboard Workshop series that gives you a glimpse into what Broadway Producers actually do, and our brand new Writer’s Groups.

And we’ve got a ton of things planned, including guest blogs from other experts in our biz giving you insight on a subject that I may not have, more “Shut Up and Writes,” networking opportunities, partnerships with other companies like Final Draft, and of course a ton more resources on our PRO site.

I’m a lucky guy to do what I do.  And I remember what it was like to want to do what I do, but not know where to start.

Well, now, you can start here.

It’s not easy.  It can take awhile.

But we’re here to help.  #5000By2025

If you have ideas on how we can help you accomplish your theatrical goals, throw them in the comments below, and we will NOT take them to heart . . . we will take them to TASK.

Tell us how we can help!

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  • Gary Sohmers says:

    Producing my show, Beasties: A Sci-Fi Rock Opera … 17 original songs … …. Save the Planet

  • Hazel Jade says:

    I would love help finding fellow strong female and LGBTQ producers to help bring my new muIcal, QUEER, to Broadway! So that we can show the world and queer youth how valid and fierce we are!

    • Ken Davenport Ken Davenport says:

      Yes!!! We’ll try to do some speed dates in the future for producers and writers to help you find the right match for your project.

  • Phil Moore says:

    Something I have been wanting to do is to stage a workshop of my latest project – and film it. Not a handicam in the back row, but a professionaly shot (with multiple cameras), edited with good image and sound quality. I have the resources and experience to do this for myself (I have a background in film). But others could also do this.

    The idea being – if one is in a remote or regional area (Australia in my case), how else can one get a NY producer like yourself to ‘see’ the show. Now I know it’s not the same experience as being there, but if a ‘fund’ or some kind of support system (perhaps a mobile crew of two or three experienced people with the right gear doing an annual regional discovery ‘tour’ ) were offered to allow quality filming of original new workshops or regional productions, etc, it could help get otherwise obscure shows noticed. Or at the very least – recorded for posterity. Not initially for public viewing of course, a private link on YouTube or Vimeo. This is intended as a promotional and archival tool more than anything.

    I know there are rights and access issues to work out, but … the technology is out there. Why is the theatre not using it?

    • Justin says:

      There is a lot of value in what you’re proposing, especially getting NYC eyes on an Aussie production. It’s a creative solution to a real problem. One of the reasons I believe theatre is not using it, in my opinion, is 1) the expense, and 2) the difficulty of experiencing theatre via streaming. Not saying it can’t or shouldn’t be done, but these two will be the biggest hurdles to overcome.

      With the first issue, most theatrical producers will not have the experience in film so crew, cameras, sound equipment, any additional lighting, and an editor will have to be hired and rented. They would really have to convince investors that the risk will be worth it.

      Second, theatre is a symbiotic relationship between production and audience. We feed off each other. As I was about to type that a recording would never work, I remembered how I fell in love with Into the Woods after watching the live recording w/ Bernadette Peters back in the 90s. I was as moved by the production as I would have been if I was in the theater. Maybe even more so as the cameras brought us closer to the actors making it more intimate. I also enjoyed Memphis and Shrek on Netflix. After thinking about why these recordings worked, aside from good video, great sound, and employing an editor experienced in the art of visual storytelling, the primary reason why they work is the presence of a responsive audience. Their laughter makes the funny moments funnier, their applause magnifies the impact of those moments. Otherwise, no matter how high the production value, it will fall completely flat.

      So I do think it’s possible if one can afford it and can fill seats for a workshop production. Great idea, Phil.

    • Ken Davenport Ken Davenport says:

      You should go for this! There are lots of small film companies that will help you here. Or even NYU students, etc. that could do it as a class project!

      • Phil Moore says:

        I am a small film company, so the logistics are not an issue for me. I just need the financing to stage the workshop. But I figured it was an idea worth sharing. There could be a whole business model here: A mobile Theatrical Video Archive service.

  • Rich says:

    We need more small theaters in NYC.

  • JOE CARRARO says:

    Thank you for asking.
    Finally, after over a year I have assembled a great cast and continue adding current rewrites to my open-ended entertaining play CONVERSATIONS WITH AN AVERAGE JOE dealing with the true stories of our corrupt government controlled by greedy corporations and the solutions to take back control. While we have been performing in Off-Brooadway theaters with requests for out of town performances, I came back to NYC to put together a plan to get on Broadway, which was the original venue when it was first being being proposed as such by a Broadway producer and Broadway director. I have now taken over the reigns as director and are approaching a Broadway quality production needing to again seek out supporters and producers to help us move in the right direction. Could you help put us in contact with such people who can assist in providing the plan and resources to bring this very timely production on its way to Broadway.
    Thanks again for all your help,

    • Ken Davenport Ken Davenport says:

      Hey Joe – you should come to a Producer Pitch night for sure or our Mixers or any of our networking events. And we’ve got more coming so look out for ’em!

  • Jay Huffer says:

    Looking forward to our show “My Deliverer” being one of those shows. It’s the story of the Bible told in a non traditional way.

  • Derek says:

    Ken, you are truly a legend in the making ! The scope of your vision is astonishing. You remind me of a young J Paul Getty prospecting for oil – or in my South African context – a Barney Barnato or Cecil John Rhodes – daring pioneer adventurers who joined the diamond and gold rush in the 1800’s – driven by dreams and determination leading them on to unimaginable success and achievement. Ken, I see you sitting on a river bank, patiently sifting through piles of stones and pebbles as you search for the elusive alluvial diamonds – and you won’t stop until you’ve found 5000 of them – the sparkling gems you will present to the world ! I’m truly inspired !

  • loreen says:

    There are some festivals that want you to fit the bill for your show. I wish they would help chip in because most of us are not wealthy and it’s very difficult to pay for cast, crew, music arrangers etc.
    Thanks Ken for all that you do. It’s a blessing!

  • Carl Kissin says:

    Dear Davenport Theatrical People,
    I have you to thank for taking my musical, “Date of a Lifetime,” to the next level. Thank you! If you are willing, I need your help once again in pairing us with the right lead producer. Show has grown since the first reading you saw. Ken, even though you are married, you can still go on this Date.

    • Ken Davenport Ken Davenport says:

      You are very welcome, Carl. So excited that you are on your way and proud we helped kick off your journey. Your show will always be in our mind as we meet new people. And come to a Producer Pitch Night!

  • I want to land on that 5000 list and sooner than 2025! Maybe you can help. I need to meet young, risk-taking directors who love quirky, out-of-box shows. I figure if I can connect with one who is attracting attention, together we might step up to the Great White Way. Do you know Leigh Silverman who is doing a revival of VIOLET? Or maybe Alex Timbers who apparently doesn’t flinch at mashing conventional theatre with current technology? He pulled this off with ROCKY and is about to tackle A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM. I’m trying to find a videographer (young, talented, and cheap) to film the reading of SQUAWK! coming up April 2.

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