Which came first, this idea or this blog itself?

10 years ago, I started this blog.

9 years ago, I came up with an idea for an original musical about a 40-year-old guy who gets his high school garage band back together.

And tonight, that show, Gettin’ The Band Back Together, a totally original musical (!), starts previews on Broadway.

I tell you this for a few reasons . . .

First, duh, I want you to come.  From the feedback I’ve gotten on this blog, original musicals are what you want more of, but they are also the ones that need ambassadors like you to come and come early.  So do.  And to make it easy, here’s a link to a 50% off ticket (use code BT501GA, as cheap as the TKTS booth) for 30 performances only.

Second, I hope what’s happening tonight reminds all of you out there that it is possible for a seed of an idea that you’ve had to get to Broadway, or wherever your goal is.  Every time you think it isn’t possible (and believe me, I thought that many times along the long road to our first preview), just remember that it is.  Because it happens.  Not just to me but to many others, every single year.

And if it can happen to others, including me, then why not you?  I promise you, I’m no more special than any of you out there.

You’ll need a lot of help from a lot of folks to make it happen (I could take up 10 years of blog posts thanking all the people who have helped me get to tonight).  And it may take a little more time than you would like, but it can happen.  And it’ll be worth it.

Need proof?  Come see Gettin’ The Band Back Together.  You’ll have fun.  But if all that it does is inspire you to realize that it is possible to get an idea of yours out of your head and on to a stage, then that’s fine by me.

Get your 50% off ticket here (with the code BT501GA).  And I’ll see you at the show.



  • Neal says:

    I’ve got my tix! (last week), and will be attending the July 29th matinee, and am curious to see what, if any changes have been made since the performance(s) at the George St. Theater. See you then. Break legs, Ken!

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