My 5 Friday Finds: Indie Streaming, Something for Actors, and more.

TGIF, y’all, and welcome to my weekly wrap up, when I let you know about five things that caught my eye during the last five days.

1. Streaming goes independent.

Composer/Lyricist Paul Gordon, who wrote Daddy Long Legs (which was the first Broadway or Off-Broadway show to be live-streamed) has taken streaming into his own hands and formed a company called Streaming Musicals to do just that.

And right now you can catch his beautiful production of Emma online for less than the cost of a movie.

What has me interested in this model is that Emma has never played NYC. Yet something like Streaming Musicals could give it the same type of exposure, if not more. Paul could be on to a whole new world of debuting musicals to audiences, theaters around the country, and more.

2.  Need to get to a celeb?

Gatekeepers abound in this business, which is why this little tool comes in handy for tracking down agents, managers, lawyers, and even some direct contacts. Check out the aptly named if you want to make sure a star gets your offer or invite. I’ve used it. And it works.

3.  A New One Man Show Called The New One

Mike Birbiglia’s first show, Sleepwalk with Me, played Off Broadway. His new show, The New Onewill play ON Broadway. That’s not just because Mike is a bigger name now, who can sell out a run Off-Broadway on the announcement,  sell books, and star in TV shows.

It’s because Mike’s audience is easier to find with modern marketing methods, and as the Hello Again guys proved a couple of years ago, these half stand up/half theater pieces can make money and make it fast.

Expect more of ’em. And go see The New One. I saw a reading and was laughing out loud. At a reading.

4.  Required Reading for Non-Musical Actors Who Want To Do Musicals

Andrew Gerle music directed the first reading I ever did in this city. And what he did with those actors and the arrangements amazed me.

He’s written a musical fundamentals book for Actors that I wish I had when I was singing and dancing. Because I’m sure I would have done it a bit better.

5.  The Ford-Kavanaugh Crisis Made Me Think . . .

Of course, it made me think a lot of things, but the one positive takeaway I had was . . . is there anything more gripping than a courtroom drama? Aren’t we ready for a new one on Broadway?

Or is someone out there prepping Oleanna for a revival?

  • Carvanpool says:

    I guess you meant Oh, Hello, not Hello Again. No show named Hello Again in your link.

    Oleanna?? Come on, Ken. You had the rights to A Few Good Men, for crying out loud. Still waiting for the promised TV version. Jeez.

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