Podcast Episode 203: The Score Whisperer, Glen Kelly

Ever wondered how to arrange a big Broadway score like Spamalot? 

This week’s guest has the ability to take a score and blow it up into a big Broadway musical that we all know and love. Maybe you’ve even heard of a few he’s done like, oh I don’t know, The Book of Mormon, The Producers, Beauty and the Beast

He’s extremely well-known, yet a bit of a mystery . . . who I like to refer to as “The Score Whisperer” . . . Mr. Glen Kelly!

What’s unique about Glen is that he’s got a ton of different titles for his credits . . . from dance music arrangements to music supervision to incidental music.

So, if you want to listen in and hear us discuss:

  • How he wants to do “Musical dramaturgy” and what that is exactly 
  • How he taught himself the piano and musical theory without ever having any musical training 
  • The most common thing he adjusts when he first gets a score
  • The importance of adding space and giving the audience a chance to process during a song
  • What is was like to work with Mel Brooks on The Producers
  • What Broadway was like when he came to New York in the 80s and how it has changed

If you’re looking for a master class in musical arrangement, this one’s for you. Enjoy!

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This week’s #SongWriterOfTheWeek is Angela Sclafani! Today we’re playing a song called “I’ll Save You the Waltz” and it is from Angela’s musical The Other Side of Paradise. If you like what you hear and want to learn more, check out www.angelasclafani.com or @angelasclafani on Instagram.

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