He’s baaaaaack. “Nick Styler” – LIVE from the quarantine!

WARNING:  This video has no “Producer’s Perspective” to it at all.  It has no other goal other than to put a smile on your face.

– – – – –

One of the biggest knee-slappin’ moments from Gettin’ The Band Back Together was a bit in Act II that was actor-improvised.

Here’s the backstory:

My co-author (Mark Allen) and I came up with the idea of a bad lounge singer underscoring a scene that took place at a local diner.  He wrote a tune and some lyrics . . . and we gave it to the actor, Ryan Duncan.

And then, Ryan Duncan took it to a place we never could have imagined.  And every night, he got applause for a moment that wasn’t ever intended to get applause.  (That’s what great actors do, btw – find a character, and a history, and infuse it with an energy that can’t ever exist solely on a written page – and this is also why I’ve worked specifically with Ryan for years, on Altar Boyz, this web series, and of course Gettin’ The Band).  

So when Ryan contacted me last week and said, “What do you think of me doing a Nick Styler video during the quarantine,” I was like, “Yes, please I would and may I have another.”

So ladies and gentlemen . . . originally from Sayerville, NJ . . . Nick Styler!

(If you can’t see the video, click here.)


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