The Producer’s Perspective LIVE! Episode 2: Stephen Schwartz

Last night we kicked off the first Producer’s Perspective LIVE and thanks to all the people who joined in from as far away as Spain, Australia . . . Brooklyn . . . we had a blast (catch the replay here).

And we didn’t even have a guest!

But tonight we have a G-U-E-S-T.

At 8 pm EDT (7 pm CDT/6 pm MDT/5 pm PDT) TONIGHT, for our first live-with-a-superstar episode, I’ll be sitting down across a screen from the legend who is Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Godspell, Pippin, the recently opened Prince of Egypt in London).

We’ll learn what he’s doing to stay busy (a new musical in the works perhaps???), what he plans to do once the CoronaVirus has left our lives FOR GOOD, and . . . who knows what else!

And you can see it tonight on my Facebook page.

Set your reminder here and invite a friend to join you (virtually)!

You can also watch it through the Broadway Podcast Network which is streaming the content through their Youtube channel.

See you tonight at 8 pm EDT (7 pm CDT/6 pm MDT/5 pm PDT).

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Oh, and tomorrow . . . Broadway Star Sierra Boggess!  To see the full schedule of who is after that, visit  We’ll be talking to someone new every single night!


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