The Producer’s Perspective LIVE! Episode 4: Alex Brightman

A big thank you to the joyous Sierra Boggess who was such a bright light for all of us during last night’s  Producers’s Perspective LIVE.  If you missed it, you must go back and watch . . . she gives great tips on how to get through these days, including setting your own routines, virtual ballet barres, and how to avoid irritating your neighbors when you’re singing showtunes.

And TONIGHT, more fun with Sierra’s costar from School of Rock and the current star of Beetlejuice, Mr. Alex Brightman!

When Alex and I sat down at BroadwayCon a few weeks back, we didn’t think we’d be seeing each other so soon.  But leave it to this effin’ virus to bring us back together again.

Tune in tonight to hear how he’s getting through each day, what he’s working on (he’s a writer too), and well, I’d also be prepared to laugh.  It is Alex Brightman, after all.

You can see Alex and me LIVE tonight on my Facebook page at 8 PM EDT! (Click here to get an e-reminder!).

(Oh, and you can also watch it through the Broadway Podcast Network which is streaming the livestream through their Youtube channel.)

See you tonight at 8 pm EDT (7 pm CDT/6 pm MDT/5 pm PDT).

– – – – –

This series continues EVERY NIGHT through shutdown, and tomorrow, Rick Miramontez, one of Broadway’s most powerful press agents  President of O&M/DKC, will be joining me!  To see the full line-up for the next few weeks, visit


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