When Lin-Manuel Miranda talks, people listen.

It has begun.

With the curve reaching a plateau here in NYC and Governor Cuomo saying “The worst is over,” attention has now turned to the big question . . . “When will we open the economy again?”

And if you’re reading this blog, then the next question is, “When will we open Broadway again?”

The current date on the calendar is June 7th.  But given the state-of-the-state (quite literally), that is just a pin.

But regardless of when the curtain goes back up, it’s going to be important to start reminding the world’s consumers and in this case, our audience, that the curtain will go up.

In other words, it’s time to start marketing again.

This is a different kind of marketing, of course, because every marketing guru I’ve talked to and ‘webinared’ with over the past few weeks, said this is not a time to sell anything (more about that tonight).

But it’s still a time to market.

And the Broadway League has begun.

Listen to this terrific radio spot that is starting to hit the airwaves, from the biggest Authority figure Broadway has right now . . . Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Lin tells us that this “thing” we’re going through is just an intermission for Broadway.  He’s right of course.  And the good news is, there is no line at the bathroom.

And this intermission will end.

And like most shows, the 2nd act is where things really get good.

Enjoy the spot, and congratulations to the Broadway League for a great beginning to our reopening campaign.

– – – – –

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