Tonight on the Livestream: One of the funniest men on Broadway, Rob McClure

We’ve had quite a few stellar streams over the past few days!

And last night, I got a lesson in Twitch from none other than Jordan Freakin’ Fisher!

Before last night, I never spoken more than a few words to Jordan Fisher.  But leave it to a pandemic to bring people together.

And despite our twenty year age difference, we bonded over . . . VIDEO GAMES!  🙂

Jordan told me all about the streamin’ community that he plays a big “part” in, and how be believes todays video game generation will make theater tomorrow.

To catch the replay and learn what ultimate role he hopes to tackle in 20 years, click here.

And tonight, I’m super excited to spend #ShowShirtWednesday with another leading man and comedic genius. . . Rob McClure (Mrs. Doubtfire, Beetlejuice, Honeymoon In Vegas)! How is Rob keeping himself entertained these days? Tune at 8pm EDT tonight to find out! (Click here to get an e-reminder!).

To see the full line-up of guests for the next few weeks visit


(Oh, by the way – a lot of you have asked about our platform since so many of you are looking to stream your own shows, readings, etc.  We love StreamYard, the platform we’ve been using.  Click here to check them out.)


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