Tonight on the Livestream: Star of Stage and Screen, Krysta Rodriguez

Thank you to Kerry Butler for joining us on the livestream last night. It was great to catch up with Kerry and learn what she’s been getting up to – including teaching acting and watercolor classes!

If you missed it, catch the replay, and you’ll hear a fan give her a new nickname she hasn’t ever heard before.

And tonight, I’m excited to spend my Friday night with Krysta Rodriguez (Spring Awakening (OBC & Deaf West’s revival), First Date, “SMASH”, “Daybreak”). What is Krysta doing to keep herself busy during this pandemic? Tune at 8pm EDT tonight to find out! (Click here to get an e-reminder!).

To see the full line-up of guests for the next few weeks visit


(Oh, by the way – a lot of you have asked about our platform since so many of you are looking to stream your own shows, readings, etc.  We love StreamYard, the platform we’ve been using.  Click here to check them out.)


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