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  • Ken, great info about using social media. It is really tough to ensure one is making the most of social media, albeit which platforms to concentrate on, and what kind of content will get you to the right people.

  • Tomi Griffin says:

    Bucket four…when the music was written by different artists but the compilation was a group artist?

    • Tomi Griffin says:

      For example: The Road to Shambala, Three Dog Night/Wizardofoz Sweet & Innocent (Donny Osmond/Teenbeachmovie My Sammy Hagar one would be catalogue, one song is a cover.

  • loreen says:


    Why not do a national NY theater commercial song about coming back to the theater being vaccinated. Remember the I love NY Commercial years ago? It just might work with a creative director and the right song with some famous actors etc.

  • Doug Hicton says:

    Great content, but next time I’ll know to skip over the first three minutes to get to it.

  • Informative, inspirational, educational AND entertaining. After having been through thousands of EPAs, I agree wholeheartedly with everything Ken said.

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