You know what is really cool about streaming theater?

You can decide you want to go at the last possible second and still make the curtain!

So if you haven’t gotten your ticket yet to wine taste wtih funny mean girl Kate Rockwell TONIGHT at 7 PM there’s still time.

In fact, even if it’s past 7 PM you can still buy a ticket!  (And because it’s a streamer, that ticket is only $15.)

(And while it ends around 8, if you want to buy a ticket after that, I’m sure Kate would be fine with that too.)

Learn more about the event and learn more about wine here.  And get your ticket to Wine Tasting 101 with Kate Rockwell, TONIGHT, Saturday, October 17th at 7 PM here!

It’s live.  And it’s Kate.  So you never know what the @#$% is going to happen.

See you there!


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