You an Actor? One quick question for ya.

 Danny Burstein did it.
The six-time Tony nominee appeared on my podcast a year ago and blew my mind.
Because actors are often the last ingredient added to a show’s developmental process, it’s easy for Writers, Producers, and all the other TheaterMakers involved from the get-go to forget how important they are in the TheaterMaking process.
Thankfully, Danny reminded me.
So for you Actors out there who have followed my blogs, podcasts and such, I’m sorry for not including more of you in what we do.
But I’m making a commitment today to help you figure out how you can achieve the success that you want in this biz.
And, surprise, surprise, I’ve already got some ideas on how you can do just that. 🙂 (And there are some bold-faced names who are going to help me help you along the way!)
But first, I need to ask you ONE QUICK QUESTION. By answering it, it’ll help me find out what is standing in your way . . . whatever your big obstacle is . . . so I can go out and find something to help you crush it.
So, if you’re an Actor who wants to act more, click here. It’ll take 30 seconds.
If you know an Actor who wants to act more, send them this blog, or this link.

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