DAY 2 RECAP of The TheaterMakers Challenge: Telly Leung, James Snyder and more!


Day #2!  Done!

And I remembered to unmute myself at the top! Little wins!  🙂

I didn’t think we could top the first day’s energy . . . but we did.  The group of theatermakers in this challenge are like a snowball rolling down a hill . . . gathering speed and momentum with each tip from our A-listers.  And what tips we had.

  • Telly Leung talked about asking for help, and gave a worksheet he designed to the group to get people moving with their project.  It’s available for free in the private Facebook group.
  • James Snyder talked about his “digital sunset” and the importance of “Bare Minimums” to make sure you end each day feeling like you won the day.
  • And me, well, I talked about why NEVER getting to “To Do” Zero is how you accomplish bigger things, and I shared my tool on how to fill up your To Do Tank every week in 2 minutes (And I did it live!).

And congratulations to our first prize winner, Renee Grayson, who won a copy of Final Draft!  And Lorene Phillips Mudaliar, who won six months of TheaterMakersStudio!

If you missed DAY 2 or DAY 1 of The Challenge, you can still sign up here and watch the replay in the Facebook group, which is available right now.

And tomorrow is Day #3!  Broadway Producer Vivek Tiwary and Composer Ryan Scott Oliver will join us to share their tips for success.  And one of our participants will win a free headshot session with Jeremy Daniel.


Tomorrow’s Challenge will start at 2 pm EST to make room for the inauguration!

So enjoy the BIG show in DC and then join us at 2 pm Eastern Time for Day #3!

Take the challenge now.

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