THIS is one of the most disruptive moves on Broadway in decades.


That sound you heard was an industry shakeup that could change the way Broadway works . . . forever.

There have been two major players in the ticketing space on Broadway for . . . ever.   Telecharge (owned by the Shuberts) and Ticketmaster, a massive publicly-traded company.  (ATG brought their platform to Broadway when they bought two theaters a few years ago.)

Yes, the word monopoly has been used to describe this limited competition for sure.

While Producers have always dreamed about being able to pick their own ticketing platform, and therefore get the data that goes along with it, this is a decision that is with the theater owners.

And then, Jordan Roth, the youngest theater owner on the block, just tossed everything up in the air by canning Ticketmaster and bringing in SeatGeek . . . a more modern platform birthed in the internet era.


Read the article about it here in the NY Times.

And then . . . tell me what you think.

Will this give an advantage to Jujamcyn Theaters when Producers are looking for theaters for their big hits?  Or will it force the other Ticketmaster and Telecharge to innovate faster?

Will service fees drop?

One thing is for sure . . . the big winner is our customers.



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