Fun on a Friday: Remember this early pandemic parody video from a year ago?

Here’s a little fun as we go into the weekend.

A year ago, when I knew I wasn’t going to be producing for a while, and yet I HAD to produce something, I produced this!

I called up Kleban award-winning lyricist, Amanda Yesnowitz, who dashed off some brilliant parody lyrics in about a minute and a half (great writers know how to deliver on a deadline), called the Broadway Princess Party, and bam . . . look at what they did!

Hope you enjoy this still important message as we start to open up.

Want to read the original post announcing this video?  Click here for a trip back in time!  To when we thought the pandemic might last six weeks!  (Who was that dude who said it’d be gone by Easter?  Oh right, that guy.  Thank God he’s gone!)


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