This made me so jealous I could spit.

Forgive me for the deadly sin I’m about to commit.


Read this article from the NY Times . . . Broadway in Australia has re-opened with productions of Hamilton, Harry Potter, Come From Away and more!

How are they doing it?  Well, you’ll have to read the article but it involves robots and app contact tracing . . . and the hardest-piece-of-technology apparently . . . common freekin’ sense.

This should be us.  We should be back.  Not fully, maybe (our city and our theaters don’t allow for the space that Australians have to spread out – and therefore reduce the spread).  But we should have been able to get something back up by now.

Maybe had we had a mask mandate earlier?  Maybe if it wasn’t an election year?  (Although let’s all be glad that election happened!)  Maybe . . .

Ahhh, enough of that.  I can’t go there . . .

But honestly, my biggest fear . . . is do you think that this will damage the Broadway brand permanently?  Will our status as the theater capital of the world be threatened?

You tell me.  Because I’m too jealous to type.

Read the article here.

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If you or anyone you know has ever thought about writing a movie . . . you gotta tune into this.

  • loreen says:

    Don’t feel bad Ken. I have a friend who lives in Australia and she told me the reason they were able to do this is because they shut down much earlier then we did. They don’t have the population we have and they were able to get the virus somewhat under control. Once we get past a certain point Broadway will open up because it has to.Many of us have plays and musicals waiting to be up and running somewhere. My musical will take acouple of more years but if I have to I will direct it myself on a street corner if necessary. But hopefully that won’t happen.
    Keep the faith Ken. I’m a baby boomer that has lived long enough to know that this too shall pass!

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