Over the next few days, I want you to do this ONE thing.

Are you ready for this one?

I want you to take a break.

That’s right, for the first time, I’m telling you that I don’t want you to do a @#$%ing thing! 🙂

I’m serious.

If you can’t take the whole day off, maybe a few hours?

You know what happens if you run a car engine too long, at too high a speed? It overheats.

See, if you’re anything like me, you may have been seriously revving your engines over the past several months. Maybe you’ve had virtual readings, or writing deadlines . . . or maybe you’ve just been coming up with a plan to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish before a certain time, but all of that is work, and energy.

And if you don’t shut off the engine every once in a while, it’ll shut itself down for you. And when it “breaks,” like that . . . it’s much harder to get it going again.

Not only is it healthy on your action engine to pause to smell the petunias, but the flip side is that it always opens you up to new thoughts and ideas.

You know how many epiphanic moments I’ve had on the golf course?

Or . . . I’m sure you’ve had a “light bulb” moment in the shower, right? Why do you think so many people have these shower moments? Because they’ve let go, shut off, and have a relaxing rain washing away the tension of the day.

So, for the next few days, take some time to NOT do something. 🙂

Even if that means taking a break for just a moment during your day. . . Whatever you do, take that moment to sit, relax and unwind. 

You’ll be ready to come back next week even more jazzed to conquer what’s ahead.

And there’s a lot of exciting things to come, isn’t there?


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  • I LOVE the Mom part. Obviously her advice has helped you get a few good steps up that slippery ladder.
    Remember me? I invited you to THE PERFECT HARLEM APARTMENT, my prizewinning play?
    Now I’ve written a new play about an 88-year old lady who plans to assassinate a certain
    ex-president to make sure he won’t run again. MINNIE BLITZER. What I need is not a Mom, just an
    agent. Do you have any good leads?

  • Actually, it’s MINNIE BLITZER, ASSASSIN. Good title?

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