But . . . what about Broadway?

I’ll be honest.

In my 30 years (!) living in New York City, I’ve never watched a Mayoral debate.

But with all that’s riding on the next Mayor of NYC, you can bet your A-train that I tuned into last week’s debate between the leading candidates: Eric Adams, Andrew Yang, Scott Stringer, Dianne Morales, Kathryn Garcia, Maya Wiley, Ray McGuire and Shaun Donovan.

While a great many good ideas where shared, there was one moment gave me a big ol’ sad face.  And the NY Times even commented on it.

When asked about what cultural event the candidates wanted to attend, not ONE mentioned Broadway, Off Broadway, or the theater in general.  Shocking, isn’t it? The theater provides so much for this city, in dollars, in tourists . . . and yet our Mayors never seem to want to go to the theater!

I mean, candidates, you DO know that Broadway’s attendance is more than all 10 of NYC’s professional sports teams . . . COMBINED!!!

And do we get Mayors at our opening nights?  Closing nights?  Or any nights?

So, to the candidates, if you want the votes of the Broadway community, perhaps you should engage with the Broadway community . . . and see a show.

I’ll buy the ticket.

  • Jeremy says:

    Actually, four of the candidates mentioned Broadway when asked which event cultural event they would first attend. Two of the four, Stringer and Morales, indicated “Broadway”. And the other two (Yang and Wiley) said “Broadway” following their initial mention (Mets and The Strokes, respectively).

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