Broadway League and Actor’s Equity Set Touring COVID Precautions

Thrilled that the Broadway League and Actor’s Equity have come to an agreement to safely restart Broadway touring.  And yes, it includes . . . mandatory vaccinations.  

And with the announcement of NY lifting its restrictions this week, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter and brighter. 

In other words, life, as we knew it, is on its way back. But with a 2021 twist. 

In addition to the mandatory vaccinations for Equity members, North American touring production protocols include: 

  • No interaction between Equity company members and audience members
  • Daily cleaning of the performance space, venue and props. Cleaning of the dressing rooms, orchestra pit and other high traffic areas before first rehearsal and between each performance.
  • Physical distancing in the orchestra pit and around the stage door
  • No backstage visitors, autograph signings or cast meet-and-greets.
  • A unidirectional flow of traffic within a theater, whenever possible
  • No communal food or drink service for company members and designated food and drink areas within the venue
  • A mandated COVID-19 safety training for cast and crew members and penalties, starting with a $50 fine, if protocols are not followed.

But it’s not like we haven’t figured out we can’t adjust to something different, right?

And while the Broadway League and AEA have yet to announce their protocols for Broadway’s return this fall, we can see the direction they’re probably headed.

To bastardize a Sondheim title . . . we are almost OUT Of The Woods!

What do you think of the touring protocols?

  • Mark Barbash says:

    As a dedicated stage door junky, while I sense that this will eliminate for a while stage door autographs and conversation, I am nevertheless excited that both Broadway and the tours are coming back.

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