My Job

Someone asked me what I did yesterday.

I was about to launch into my usual long-winded description of a Producer’s tasks.

Then, instead, I blurted out . . .

“I get people in a room.”

Think about it, that’s what Producers do.

We have an idea. We want it to happen. So we put people in a room who can make it so.  We put Writers in a room. We put a Director with that Writer. And Designers. Then we put Actors, and all sorts of other TheaterMakers.

And when it all goes well, they make something extraordinary.

Even when it doesn’t go well, they still make something where there was nothing before. And that alone is extraordinary.

And eventually, we put an Audience in that room too!

And for me, there is nothing more exciting than putting passionate people in a room to see what happens next. Because something awesome always does.

That’s why we started a free Facebook group of TheaterMakers. And in just a few months, it has gone from a few hundred members to over 1,500.

And, get this . . . extraordinary things are happening to the people in that group!

Like . . .

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But I could have told you that was going to happen.  Because whenever you put passionate, positive people together in the same place who all love the same thing (in this case, the theater), the energy, things just happen!

If you’re a TheaterMaker or TheaterFan, join. Meet future collaborators. Get advice from peers on how to create a demo for cheap. Find out the best practices for streaming readings.

But join . . . and watch how it helps you do whatever you want to do in the theater.

I’ll see you in the group.

Join here.


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