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I get asked a lot of questions. But there’s one question I get asked All. Of. The. Time.

“What does a Producer actually do?

And although I do a lot of different things, I’ve narrowed it down to one simple answer.

I get people in a room. No matter what that room looks like.

And for me, there is nothing more exciting than putting passionate people in a room to see what happens next. Because something awesome always does.

That’s why I started a FREE Facebook group for TheaterMakers.

Writers, directors, actors, designers, and more . . . if you want to make theater, on Broadway, Off Broadway, in your hometown or at your high school, this Facebook group is for you.

You can meet future collaborators, get best practices on marketing your shows, and lots more.

And over 1,700 TheaterMakers have already joined!

And boy oh boy are they a lively bunch. Here’s what’s happening in there RIGHT NOW. . .

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If you’re a TheaterMaker or TheaterFan, join. Meet future collaborators. Get advice from peers on how to create a demo for cheap. Find out the best practices for streaming readings.

But join . . . and watch how it helps you do whatever you want to do in the theater.

I’ll see you in the group.


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