[Take This Survey – Win $500] It’s The “When do YOU think Broadway will come back?” Game!

Yesterday, I announced that I will reveal my predictions for when Broadway will come back, how our box office will respond, and what this means for our Artists and our Audience.  I’ll reveal my opinions in a 3-part video series which you can learn more about here.

But today?

Today, let’s try and have some fun with this very tough topic.

You ready . . .

(Insert my “game show” voice here . . . )

“Who wants to win $500???!!???!!!”

Today, we’re announcing The “When Do YOU Think Broadway Will Come Back” Game! 

And the reader of mine who guesses the date that is closest to WHEN Broadway shows start performing again (and all it takes is ONE show) will win a $500 Amazon gift card. 

To enter, click here.

A few rules:

  • Price is Right rules apply.  The person who gets the closest to Broadway’s actual return without going over wins.
  • Only one show needs to open to indicate that Broadway is open.  However, that show must be open-ended, or have a run of more than 8 weeks.  (One nighters, etc. do not apply.)
  • There is a tiebreaker question.  See the survey here.
  • If there is a tie on the tiebreaker question, the winners will split the gift certificate.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

Ok?  You ready???

Here we go!

Enter The “When Do YOU Think Broadway Will Come Back” Game! now!

P.S. Yes, this is about having a little fun, and putting $500 in someone’s pocket.  But I’ll tell you a little secret.  It’s also about research.  You can bet I’m going to interpolate this data into my first video in my predictions of when Broadway will go back.  Click here to make sure you see the results, because I’m only revealing them here.

When will Broadway come back? And two more burning questions . . . and answers! [UPDATED]

I must hear this question ten times a day.
“So when will Broadway come back?”
And then there are the two follow-ups.
“What will the box office look like when it does?”
“What does all this mean for our Artists and the Audience?”
These are not good questions. They are great questions.
And I hear them from the press. From my investors. From college students.
I hear them from people who don’t even go to the theater!
“When will Broadway come back?”
“When will the theater come back?”
“When will I be able to perform in a show/invest in a show/SEE A SHOW again?”
These questions are on everyone’s mind.
And the ten times I hear these questions a day . . . are on top of the ten times I ask myself the same questions! 
That’s why it’s about time I answered them. And answered them with more specifics, more predictions, and more, no holds barred “this is what I believe and this is how we make it better” takeaways.
But not here.
See, it’s hard for me to write these answers.
First, the answers are going to be longer than my average 200-or-so blogged words.
Second, I need more visuals.
Third, some of the things I say may get me into a bit of trouble.
That’s why I’m going to answer these questions in a three-part private video series. One video for each of these questions:
Video 1: When will Broadway come back?
Video 2: What will the box office look like when it does?
Video 3: What does that mean for our Artists and Audiences?
In these videos you’ll hear me talk about . . .
  • My predictions for when Broadway will come back (and when it should come back)
  • The type of recovery our box office will have (which has changed in the last few weeks)
  • How Broadway’s return affects theater around the rest of the country world, including wherever you live.
  • The stimulus package the theater will need for a successful opening . . . and why we can’t count on the government to give it to us.
  • And some other subjects that I’m still researching.
The first video drops next Wednesday, October 14th. To get it, you have to sign up here. Because this discussion isn’t for everybody. This is only for the folks who care about those three questions . . . and their answers.
If that’s you, click here.
And let’s get into it . . . so we can figure out how to get out of it.
Get my private thoughts on the theater’s return here.
UPDATED AS OFD 10/11/20:  It was recently announced that refunds and exchanges were now allowed through May 30, 2020.  But no return date was announced.  Will Broadway return then?  Or will it return later?  Or sooner????  Could it suprise us with an early recovery?  Find out here.

Tonight on the Livestream: Tony Award and Grammy Award winner Anaïs Mitchell (Hadestown)

Not every singer-songwriter can write a musical.  As I was quoted when Spider-Man was flying around these parts, “It’s one thing to write a 3-minute song.  It’s another to write a 3-hour musical.”

You know what singer-songwriter CAN write a musical?

Anaïs Mitchell.

Actually, I take that back. She can’t write a musical.  She can write a great effin’ musical.

A musical so great, it helped get her named to Time Magazine’s Most Influential People in the WORLD for 2020!

The musical I rave about is, of course, Hadestown, and tonight, she’s joining me on my livestream to talk about its 12-year journey to Broadway from its humble community theater beginnings.  (I mean, she’s the “Rocky” of Broadway, for goodness sake!”)

And we’ll find out how she’s keeping creative during this pandemic, and whether or not she’s got another musical up her guitar.

Join me tonight!   And before you do, head over to your favorite virtual bookstore and pick up her new book, Working on a Song, The Lyrics of Hadestown . . . already a best seller on Amazon.com!

You can join me and Anaïs TONIGHT, Tuesday, October 6th at 8 PM ET LIVE on my Facebook, on my Twitter, or on Broadway Podcast Network’s Youtube Channel!

Set a reminder here!
 – – – – –

You can catch me every TUESDAY at 8pm EDT (7pm CDT/ 6pm MDT/ 5pm PDT).

To learn more about our guests and to support The Actors Fund, visit www.TheProducersPerspective.com/LIVE.

If I can’t do theater, I might as well do this . . .

I don’t know anyone trudging their way through this pandemic who isn’t doing something they haven’t done before.
It’s called “The Pandemic Pivot.” Sounds like a new Tik Tok dance craze, doesn’t it?
Well, I’ve been two-stepping to it right along with all the other TheaterMakers out there, and today I’m announcing my latest!
See, I’ve tried to look at our industry’s “pause” as a blessing. After all, it was Stephen Schwartz on only my 2nd livestream of the 70-something I’ve done since March, who said . . .
“We can look at this as an opportunity. That we’ve been given a gift of time we might not ordinarily have.”
So my (latest) Pandemic Pivot is not a new idea. It’s an idea that I’ve had for years. It’s one of those ideas that I always whispered to myself about. “Oh, if I ever had the time, I’d love to do THIS.”
And, well, now I have the time.
Sort of.
See the funny thing is, I’m busier than ever. And most TheaterMakers I know feel the same. It’s like we’re on a stationary bike pedaling our petunias off. Just not getting anywhere. But man oh man, are we having a lot of Zoom meetings.
So I don’t really have the time. But thanks to the inspiration from Stephen, and from the Mastermind group I’m a part of, as well as a few choice words from a Mentor of mine, I am going to make the time.
Because no matter how busy you are, if you truly want to do something, you will find the time.
If you can’t find the time, then you don’t want it bad enough.
So what am I making time for?
A movie.
(I can hear all you theater purists yelling traitor as I type!)
I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself.
I’ve always been a fan of underdog stories . . . ordinary people with a passion who do extraordinary things. You can see that in Altar Boyz, Kinky Boots, Once on this Island, Gettin’ The Band Back Together, and the upcoming, Joy.
And years ago, I bumped into a story that I knew was ripe for a theatrical adaptation.
Just not for the stage.
It’s called The Dan Plan.
“The Dan Plan” is a website and blog (he had me at blog) started by a guy named Dan McLaughlin.
And Dan had a dream. To play professional golf. Even though he never picked up a club.
Inspired by Malcom Gladwell’s “10,000 Hour Rule” (which states that anyone can become a master at anything, with 10,000 hours of practice), Dan quit his job and pursued his dream full time. (Did I say he never picked up a club before?)
So, what do you think? Think he made it to the pros? Or did he give up, or fight his way through?
You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. (Just give me a couple years to get it made.)
But get it made I will.
Even though I’ve never produced a feature film before. But, well, before I first produced a Broadway show, I had never done that before either. Same is true when I made my board game. Or my documentary. Or this blog.
But I’ll figure it out. It’s not brain surgery. And, well, this story so spoke to me . . . I have to figure it out. (It’s the kind of story I love and that works best in any medium – one person with a simple single goal . . . and a ticking clock to go along with it.)
So, stay tuned to this blog-station for updates on the movie as I go. (I’m an act into the first draft, and I don’t even hate it like I usually hate my first drafts!)
And, well, if you’re interested in doing something you haven’t done before, now is the time to go for it. Because there’s never a perfect time. So now is as good a time as any.
And if you think you can’t do it, because you haven’t done it before? Well, you’re in good company. Every successful person on the planet felt exactly the same way as you do right now. And without them going for it, there wouldn’t be an automobile, iPhone, women’s right to vote, and so on.
Not knowing what you’re doing is the greatest asset you can have when you do-do-do The Pandemic Pivot.
– – – – –
We’ve got a whole panel on pivoting at our TheaterMakers Summit.  Click here to get a ticket to hear Christopher Jackson, Alan Menken, Jessie Mueller and a whole bunch more talk about making theater in the new world.


[The Streaming Stage] Event #2: The Doo Wop Project . . . Live In Your Living Room

There’s just something about a group of guys singing tight harmonies together.
They’ve been a thing on the radio for decades . . . from The Four Seasons to The Beatles to The Backstreet Boys . . . and yeah, even BTS. (Lots of B names, aren’t there?)  They’ve been a thing in the theater for decades as well . . . from Forever Plaid to Jersey Boys to Ain’t Too Proud.  And the only thing that sucks about those shows . . . is that they only feature SOME of the music from the incredible era of doo wop.
Several years ago, a group of Broadway veterans from Jersey Boys and Motown put together their own band so they could sing ALL of those tunes in one night.
That group is known as The Doo Wop Project.  And I’m proud to announce that they are the 2nd event I’ll be streaming this fall!  
The Doo Wop Project has toured the world for years, performing for well over a million people.  (All of whom gave them a “dancing ovation.”)   I saw them in Naples, Florida last year, and they even had me on my feet, clapping along in rhythm (or trying to anyway), and singing along to all those hits . . . from The Drifters to The Del Vikings to Maroon 5 (done Doo Wop style).
And now you’ll get a chance to see them live . . . in your living room . . . on Sunday, October 25th at 7 PM (EST)/4 PM (PST).
And this ain’t your grandma’s zoom concert either.
The guys will be together in a safe and secure theater space in midtown Manhattan, performing their guts out on a stage while you watch from home.  There will be interaction, chat, and a few surprises that you haven’t seen on a livestream yet.  (Gosh, just the idea of seeing singers on a stage makes me get the chills!)
You can get your ticket here for just $25.  (Isn’t streaming theater cool . . . because it’s so cheap  You can just try stuff out and if it’s not your cup of doo wop, then it’s only $25.)
But I know you’ll love these Doo Wopers.  In fact, I will personally guarantee that the Doo Wop Project gets you out of your living room seat and dancing along.  And if they don’t, email me and I’ll give you your $25 back.  That’s right . . . it’s the first-ever “Dancing Guarantee!”  🙂
More importantly, I have no doubt these guys and their tight harmonies and sweet choreography will put a big ol’ smile on your face.
And couldn’t we all use that right now?
See you on Sunday, October 25th at 7 PM (EST) for the Doo Wop Project . . . LIVE IN YOUR LIVING ROOM!
Ken Davenport
Ken Davenport

Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producer

I'm on a mission to help 5000 shows get produced by 2025.

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