Avenue Q makes a move . . . into the history books.

http://www.theproducersperspective.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/my_weblog/6a00e54ef2e21b88330120a5c1e346970c.jpg It happened.  Finally.

The idea of a Broadway show transferring to Off-Broadway has been blogged about, been message boarded about, and now is finally going to happen.

Kevin McCollum announced from the stage at the closing performance of the Broadway production of Avenue Q last night that the show would reopen at New World Stages on October 9th.

And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

It’s unprecedented moves like this
that stretch our industry out of its rigid comfort zone, and open up
a ton of opportunities for a lot of people.

50 jobs were just created.  A theater was filled.  And a lot more audience members are going to laugh . . . a lot.

You can read more about it here.

And since I’ll be General Managing it, you may also be able to read more about it . . . here!

It’s a lot like riding a bike.

We’re at halftime of the 2009 festival season.  The fringe is done (except for the Encores), and we’re waiting for NYMF to begin.  I saw a few fringe shows this year, and I’ve got a few NYMF shows on my radar as well.  But over the course of my entire life, I’ve probably seen a gross of festival shows.

To be honest, most of them haven’t been that good.  But that’s ok, you know why?  Most were by new writers, and that’s what festivals are for.

Over the last few years, however, festivals have faced unreasonable amounts of pressure to produce the next big hit.  I call it ‘The Urinetown Syndrome’ . . . and it’s unfortunate.

New writers need time to work on their skills in front of an audience, without worrying about whether people think they shows are ready to move Off-Broadway two weeks later, and without worrying about what the critics think.

So many fringe and festival shows are first-timers for authors.  Are we really surprised that most aren’t great?

I think first scripts for writers are exactly like the first time you got on a two-wheeer.  You’re trying super hard to balance everything, you can’t even think about where you’re headed, it takes you much longer to get anywhere, your style is wobbly, etc.

So, if you’re a writer, don’t beat yourself up if your first show, fringe or not, wasn’t fast-tracked to full production.  It was just your first script.  Be happy that you didn’t take a spill on your brand new Huffy and scrape up the side of your face (that happened to me . . . literally, when I was 10, and figuratively, with my first script).

The important thing to do is . . . wait for it . . . yes, get back on the bike and go for another ride.

I guarantee your second one will feel easier than the first, and the third will be easier than the second, and so on and so on.

Just keep wriding.


Want to be a Producer? Learn to be a politician first.

I stumbled on an interesting “How To” on Squidoo the other day.  The title of the Squid?  How To Become a Politician.

Some of the tips?  Fundraise all the time, have a budget and stick to it, rudeness is always wrong and is not the same as confidence, etc.
Sounds like similar tips for being a Producer, if you ask me.  Read them here.
Leaders of any industry and entrepreneurs of any type require a lot of the same characteristics.
When determining the type of Producer you want to be, look at leaders in all areas of business, from politics to poker.  They share similar traits.
And you should too.

Here’s a game changer.

Everyone at Angus knew this was coming.  But it was still exciting.

Yesterday, Jujamcyn Theatres announced that Jordan Roth would slide into the theatre-owner throne left empty by Rocco Landesman, who hopped the Metroliner down to DC to lead the NEA.

What makes this so special?

Well, let’s see . . .

There are three major theater chains in NYC:  The Shuberts, led by the esteemed Mr. Phil Smith, who is 78, The Nederlanders, led by the indefatigable Jimmy Nederlander, who is 87, and Jujamcyn, which is now led by Jordan Roth, who is . . . wait for it . . . 33.

That’s right.  A major theater chain is now run by a man who has had a personal computer in his house his entire life.  He has had a cell phone in his pocket for 1/3 of his life.

And he’s the first Theater Owner with a Facebook page.

Congratulations, Jordan.  Let the new generation begin.

Broadway Grosses w/e 9/6/09

<p>Untitled Document</p>

Show Name GrossGross TotalAttn %Cap AvgPdAdm
9 TO 5 $689,795 10,763 83.51% $64.09
AVENUE Q $498,339 6,126 96.20% $81.35
BILLY ELLIOT: THE MUSICAL $1,422,285 11,369 100.01% $125.10
BURN THE FLOOR $387,903 5,823 69.26% $66.62
CHICAGO $650,132 7,899 91.42% $82.31
HAIR $952,208 10,645 94.24% $89.45
IN THE HEIGHTS $777,025 8,592 78.68% $90.44
JERSEY BOYS $1,129,108 9,899 101.26% $114.06
MAMMA MIA! $967,078 11,196 93.42% $86.38
MARY POPPINS $797,738 10,769 74.91% $74.08
NEXT TO NORMAL $459,872 5,813 94.12% $79.11
ROCK OF AGES $639,393 7,667 96.13% $83.40
SHREK THE MUSICAL $794,041 11,348 81.85% $69.97
SOUTH PACIFIC $765,124 7,411 88.99% $103.24
THE 39 STEPS $267,933 3,767 79.94% $71.13
THE LION KING $1,239,731 11,626 87.86% $106.63
THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA $814,467 10,432 80.74% $78.07
WEST SIDE STORY $1,009,517 10,852 79.94% $93.03
WICKED $1,549,937 14,364 99.25% $107.90
TOTALS $15,811,625 176,361 87.99% $87.70
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