Podcast Episode #238: What About Broadway?





In my 30 years (!) living in New York City, I’ve never watched a Mayoral debate.

I know. I know.

But with all that’s riding on the next Mayor of NYC, you can bet your A-train that I tuned into the debate between the leading candidates.

And I heard something that I did not like. 

Any guesses? 

Tune into this week’s episode where I unpack whereI think these candidates missed the mark.



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My mission is to get more people talking about the theater.  The more people talking about it, the more people who want to make it, perform it, support it, etc.  And that’s how theater not only survives, but thrives.


The biggest compliment you can give me is by sharing this podcast.


I thank you and the theater thanks you!


June 18, 2021: What TheaterMakers Are Talking About This Week

June 18, 2021: What TheaterMakers Are Talking About This Week


Here’s what TheaterMakers were talking about this week . . .


1 – Katori Hall’s “Hot Wing King” Wins Pulitzer Prize in Drama

Last week Katori Hall won the 2021 Pulitzer Prize in Drama for her play The Hot Wing King, which premiered at Signature Theater prior to the COVID shutdowns. Read more about Katori’s show and the other two finalists below. 

Read more: https://deadline.com 


2 – In The Heights Is The Biggest Movie Musical Since Moulin Rouge

In case you (somehow) haven’t heard, Jon M. Chu’s movie adaptation of In The Heights hit theaters last weekend and is shaping up to be the biggest step for movie musicals since Moulin Rouge. More details about what is setting Chu’s adaptation apart below.

Read more: https://slate.com 


3 – The Broadway League And Actor’s Equity Reach Touring Agreement

More progress for theatermakers – North American touring is back! The Broadway League and Actors’ Equity reached an agreement on protocols earlier this week to give touring productions the greenlight . . . including mandatory vaccinations. Detailed requirements can be found below.

Read more: https://broadwaynews.com 


4 – National Association of Black Theatre Building Owners 

Black theatermakers have founded a new, nation-wide association currently made up of seven theater organizations. The association aims to be a hub of resources for Black theatermakers across the country, at every level. Find out how you can become involved below. 

Read more: https://www.americantheatre.org/  


5 – Harvey Fierstein NY Public Library Donation 

Tony-winner Harvey Fierstein is giving back to the theatermakers of tomorrow in a big way through the New York Public Library Theater Lab. The lab will serve as a dedicated educational space where students and the general public will be able to attend programs drawing on its vast holdings of photographs, scripts, recordings, set models, costumes and other materials.

Read more: https://www.nytimes.com 


Fun on a Friday: 

James Corden, Ariana Grande, and Marissa Jaret Winkour celebrate the hopeful summer ahead with a Hairspray twist.

Watch the video here:


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My 2021 Blog-mencement Address to All the Graduating Theatermakers Out There.

June is bustin’ out all over with graduations.

High school, colleges (and even pre-schools!) are sending their students off to their next “stage.”

And from what I’m hearing from the theater students who I’ve spoken to, they feel a little . . . weird.

And who wouldn’t?

I can’t imagine being a student PERIOD right. Never mind a theater student.

One student Facebooked me and said, “What the @#$% do I know now?”

Here’s my answer:

Now look, I have never spoken at a graduation (except my own high school ceremony – where I quoted Les Miz and also sang “Memory” – and thank God there is no footage of that!). But, if you’ll imagine that I’m in a cap and gown, I thought I’d deliver an e-version of what I’d say to any graduating theatermakers in 2021.

Here it is. Ready?

Congratulations. You effin’ made it!!!!!!!!

And that’s pretty much it, in a speech-shell.

See, if you’re a graduating TheaterMaker right now, you survived the hardest period the entire theater industry has EVER experienced.

And I’d wager money that this is the hardest period that the theater industry will EVER experience.

And you made it!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you got through this past year? And if you’re still as passionate as ever to make theater? To act in theater? To produce theater, market theater, direct theater, or whatever THEATER?

Then you’re going to be more than fine.

Because what this business requires of you to be successful (MORE than others) is simple.

Success in the theater demands relentless perseverance and commitment to your goals. It requires a, “I don’t care how many times people say no or how long I have to wait or what I have to sacrifice . . . I am going to make it,” attitude.

And this past year has been the ultimate test to see if you have that “gene.”

And if you’re here. If you’re reading this. If you’re writing your next play (or your first).  If you’re auditioning. If you’re looking to move to New York, Chicago or LA. If you’re taking classes. If you’re taking action towards your future?

You will be successful.

Because you made it. Congrat-u-effin-lations. I don’t know that I could have. But YOU DID.

And you should be so proud. You should be smiling bigger than any generation of theatermakers who have graduated before you. You DID have it harder. And you made it.

And you will MAKE IT.

As long as you put that “I don’t care how many times people say no, or how long I have to wait, or what I have to sacrifice, I am going to make it,” attitude to work.

Starting now.

I can’t wait to collaborate with you all.

Cue “Memory.”  (Just not sung by me, for the love of Pete!)

– – – – –

If you are graduating and want to meet other graduates, join our free TheaterMakers Facebook Group. Networking and accountability buddies are so key to success in the theater, which is why we created this group. See you in there.

Broadway League and Actor’s Equity Set Touring COVID Precautions

Thrilled that the Broadway League and Actor’s Equity have come to an agreement to safely restart Broadway touring.  And yes, it includes . . . mandatory vaccinations.  

And with the announcement of NY lifting its restrictions this week, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting brighter and brighter. 

In other words, life, as we knew it, is on its way back. But with a 2021 twist. 

In addition to the mandatory vaccinations for Equity members, North American touring production protocols include: 

  • No interaction between Equity company members and audience members
  • Daily cleaning of the performance space, venue and props. Cleaning of the dressing rooms, orchestra pit and other high traffic areas before first rehearsal and between each performance.
  • Physical distancing in the orchestra pit and around the stage door
  • No backstage visitors, autograph signings or cast meet-and-greets.
  • A unidirectional flow of traffic within a theater, whenever possible
  • No communal food or drink service for company members and designated food and drink areas within the venue
  • A mandated COVID-19 safety training for cast and crew members and penalties, starting with a $50 fine, if protocols are not followed.

But it’s not like we haven’t figured out we can’t adjust to something different, right?

And while the Broadway League and AEA have yet to announce their protocols for Broadway’s return this fall, we can see the direction they’re probably headed.

To bastardize a Sondheim title . . . we are almost OUT Of The Woods!

What do you think of the touring protocols?

Looking for your mentor?

When I started my podcast over five years and two hundred (!) interviews ago, I told all the A-listers I interviewed that I was doing it for my listeners.

But as you’ve all probably heard, it was as much for me as it was for my audience.

So I culled the BEST takeaways, action items, quotes and inspirational insights from 50 of those interviews and put them into a book entitled . . . Cast of Mentors

Inside the book, you’ll find a couple of pages per mentor, with key questions and answers about how to make better theater – that you can read in 5 minutes. Yep, I designed the book for you to read in bites.

Got five minutes before a Zoom meeting starts? Read tips on directing from Kenny Leon. Or songwriting from Bobby Lopez. Or producing from Daryl Roth. Or life from Ali Stroker. Or . . . on and on and on. Because there are 50 of ’em in this volume alone. (See the full list of mentors below).

And now . . .

Cast of Mentors: Short Sage Advice From 50 Broadway Superpowers E-book and Paperbacks are available NOW!

And, of course, the Hardcover is still available for those who have an empty space on your coffee table.


The Cast of Cast Of Mentors:

Rick Miramontez

Charlotte St. Martin

Nina Lannan

Terrence McNally

Jordan Roth

Tim Rice

Ben Brantley

Michael Arden

Casey Nicholaw

David Henry Hwang

Ted Chapin

Susan Stroman

Daryl Roth

Joe Mantello

Stephen Schwartz

Lynn Ahrens

Diane Paulus

Jeanine Tesori

Benj Pasek & Justin Paul

Robert Lopez

Leigh Silverman

Stephen Byrd

Bartlett Sher

Sue Frost & Randy Adams

Tara Rubin

Rick Elice

Lynne Meadow

David Stone

Kenny Leon

Stacey Mindich

Kathleen Marshall

Eva Price

Kwame Kwei-Armah

Pam MacKinnon

Sergio Trujillo

Lisa Kron

Rebecca Taichman

John Weidman

Joe Iconis

Michael Greif

Kirsten Childs

Dominique Morisseau

Ali Stroker

Mara Isaacs

Alan Cumming

Asmeret Ghebremichael

Jamil Jude

Mandy Gonzalez

Robyn Goodman

Paul Tazewell


Get the advice on how you can achieve your theatrical aspirations from all these mentors here.