The Producer’s Perspective LIVE! Episode 4: Alex Brightman

A big thank you to the joyous Sierra Boggess who was such a bright light for all of us during last night’s  Producers’s Perspective LIVE.  If you missed it, you must go back and watch . . . she gives great tips on how to get through these days, including setting your own routines, virtual ballet barres, and how to avoid irritating your neighbors when you’re singing showtunes.

And TONIGHT, more fun with Sierra’s costar from School of Rock and the current star of Beetlejuice, Mr. Alex Brightman!

When Alex and I sat down at BroadwayCon a few weeks back, we didn’t think we’d be seeing each other so soon.  But leave it to this effin’ virus to bring us back together again.

Tune in tonight to hear how he’s getting through each day, what he’s working on (he’s a writer too), and well, I’d also be prepared to laugh.  It is Alex Brightman, after all.

You can see Alex and me LIVE tonight on my Facebook page at 8 PM EDT! (Click here to get an e-reminder!).

(Oh, and you can also watch it through the Broadway Podcast Network which is streaming the livestream through their Youtube channel.)

See you tonight at 8 pm EDT (7 pm CDT/6 pm MDT/5 pm PDT).

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This series continues EVERY NIGHT through shutdown, and tomorrow, Rick Miramontez, one of Broadway’s most powerful press agents  President of O&M/DKC, will be joining me!  To see the full line-up for the next few weeks, visit

The Producer’s Perspective LIVE! Episode 3: Sierra Boggess

And we’re off!

Last night, we had our first guest, Stephen “Wicked” Schwartz, join me in my e-office and, well, it worked!  It was a joy just to see him . . . and then he spilled some great stories like . . .

  • How he rewrote the final few lyrics “The Colors of the Wind,” moments before it was recorded (watch the replay here to hear what the first draft lyrics were and why Stephen hated them)
  • How he gets through writer’s block
  • What’s he’s working on with Alan Menken as he is hunkered down

And he answered a lot of YOUR questions as well!  You can watch the replay here.

And then . . . tune in TONIGHT at 8pm EDT (7 pm CDT/6 pm MDT/5 pm PDT) for my lifestream with one of my favorite ladies of the theater, the joyous Sierra Boggess!

She was the original Little Mermaid, one of the most celebrated Christine’s in Phantom, and, well, talking to her is like getting a steroid shot of pure sunshine, so you can’t miss it.

And you can see her and me LIVE tonight on my Facebook page.

Bring questions, and bring friends!  The more folks in this e-party, the better.

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You can also watch it through the Broadway Podcast Network which is streaming the content through their Youtube channel.

See you tonight at 8 pm EDT (7 pm CDT/6 pm MDT/5 pm PDT).

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This series continues EVERY NIGHT and tomorrow, Two-time Tony Nominee Alex Brightman is in the house!  To see the full schedule of who will be here for the rest of the week, visit

[VIDEO]: 2019 Super Conference – “Diversity in the Arts” with Arvind Ethan David, Aisha Jackson, Douglas Lyons, and Melvin Tunstall III

One of the things about this year’s Super Conference that put a smile on my face was that our Diversity panel was the most highly attended. 

To see people standing on the stairs without an open seat in the house got me excited for our future.  Because, as our panelists in the video will tell you (Arvind Ethan David, Aisha Jackson, Douglas Lyons, and Melvin Tunstall III), we’re making some progress, but we’ve got a long way to go to increase the level of diversity in our industry.  

What can we do to get more TheaterMakers of color represented?  What can we do to increase gender parity?  What can we do to increase opportunities for TheaterMakers with disabilities?

You’ll hear specific action items and takeaways for all of these questions and more in this video.


(And stay tuned for a new video every single day, right here in this space.  Tomorrow, Broadway General Managers Adam Hess, Margaret Skoglund, Charlotte Wilcox, and Broadway Producer Brian Moreland will give you tips on budgeting on their panel, Budgeting For Every Stage of Development. Subscribe here to get it emailed to you.)

Don’t forget to tune in our new Facebook LIVE series, The Producer’s Perspective LIVE!, every night at 8pm EDT.  Tonight’s guest is Broadway Star Sierra Boggess!  Click here for the full schedule and to tune in!

[VIDEO]: 2019 Super Conference – “Keynote Address by Tony Winner Stephanie J. Block.”

I heard a CNN story the other day about a concern that Netflix was running out of content.  First of all, give me a break, CNN.

Second, if you need content, we’ve got content!  And it’s much better than watching Mall Cop . . . again.

As you may know, for the past three years, we’ve held one of the largest conferences for TheaterMakers in the world.  We have panels on working with collaborators, getting the rights to source material, how to increase diversity on and off the stage, casting, storytelling, and just about everything in between.  Featured on those panels have been everyone from Tara Rubins, Jamil Jude, Rick Miramontez, and about a hundred more, just like them.

What you may not know is that every year, we’ve ‘videotaped’ (if that’s still a word), every single one of them.


We didn’t know.  (Marketing Tip:  Whenever you are spending time and money to make content, always record it – you might be able to use it for something else someday.)

But now we do.

The videos of every single panel have just been sitting in our archives.  We’ve let them out here and there, but mostly, we’ve held them tight.

But now, especially in light of the Netflix crisis (I mean, really), we’re releasing them ALL for you.   One a day, until we can all gather again.

I think you’ll find that genius TheaterMakers featured on the panels will help you get through any obstacles you might be facing with your theater project . . . and will also help you just get through the day.

And first up, is the incredible Tony Award winner, Stephanie J. Block, who delivered our keynote address last year, less than 24 hours after hearing she was going to deliver said keynote.

That’s right, Stephanie J. Block was a last-minute replacement!

How’d she do?

I’m sure you can guess.

But watch for yourself below.

And learn how she battles fear, why we all need to stop “shapeshifting,” and why she says “Yes,” to things like delivering a 30-minute keynote in front of 500 People without preparation.

No matter what you do in this business or in this life, I challenge you to not be inspired.

And if it does affect you, please share it.  Stephanie has graciously allowed us to get this out to the world right now, and I thank her immensely for her generosity.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, first up from our Super Conference archives, the incomparable, Stephanie J. Block.

(And stay tuned for a new video every single day, right here in this space.  Tomorrow, Arvind Ethan David, Aisha Jackson, Douglas Lyons, and Melvin Tunstall III in a panel on Diversity in the Arts!  Subscribe here to get it emailed to you.)


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Don’t forget to tune in our new LIVE Streaming show, The Producers Perspective LIVE, every night at 8 PM EST.  Tonight’s guest, the Composer/Lyricist, Stephen Schwartz!  Click here for the full schedule and to tune in!


Introducing The Producer’s Perspective LIVE! Starting TONIGHT at 8 PM

Last weekend, when I realized I wouldn’t be seeing a lot of my friends, acquaintances (or “virtually” anyone) in-person for quite some time, I started reaching out via FaceTime, Zoom and Text just to check-in and see how they were doing.

Well, they showed me.

In the first few moments of our chit-chat, they had me laughing, they had me learning (sharing their tips of how they were getting through this), and they had me inspired to do something to help anyone out there who need the same medicine that I inadvertently did!

That’s when I thought . . . more people need to hear from these amazing folks.

So that’s what we’re doing.

Inspired by my podcast and the little pick-me-ups I described above, tonight we start TheProducersPerspectiveLIVE!

Every night at 8 PM EDT, we’ll have a superstar TheaterMaker join us for a brief chat about how they are doing, what they are doing, and what tips they are for you on getting through, and eventually, getting back to what we all love to do . . . make theater.

And yes, that’s right . . . no recorded edited episodes here.  These will be LIVE and ON VIDEO, streaming live on Facebook.

And just look at who has already shot their hand up and said YES, I’ll do it!

Stephen Schwartz – Tuesday, March 24th
Sierra Boggess – Wednesday, March 25th
Alex Brightman – Thursday, March 26th

Rick Miramontez – Friday, March 27th
Stephen Flaherty – Saturday, March 28th
Pam MacKinnon – Sunday, March 29th

Steven Sater – Monday March 30th
Jennifer Tepper – Tuesday, March 31st
Alan Cumming – Wednesday, April 1st
Leigh Silverman – Thursday, April 2nd
Sergio Trujillo – Friday, April 3rd
Jeanine Tesori – Saturday, April 4th
Anthony Veneziale

David Henry Hwang
Andrew Lippa
Lonny Price
Kevin McCollum
Zalmen Mlotek
Ryan Scott Oliver
Damian Bazadona
Drew Hodges
David Rockwell
Jack Tantleff
Al Nocciolino
John Caird
Des McAnuff
Stephen Byrd
James Lapine

It’ll be every night, 7 days a week.  And you can see the schedule for the series here.

I’ll kick it off tonight to talk a little more about it, take some questions (and honestly, test the technology before I get a big star online).

Tune in to my Facebook page TONIGHT, Monday March 23rd, at 8pm ET (7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT) to hear more about it AND get an update on what will be joining us.  And to find the most up-to-date schedule and list of guests, visit this page:

See you tonight . . . and every night!  And don’t forget, the schedule is here!


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