[Webinar Alert] A Top Screenwriting Guru Teaches U How To Structure That Movie U Have ALWAYS Wanted To Write.

There’s a joke that says everyone in Hollywood has an idea for a screenplay.

That joke deserves a rewrite.  Because everybody everywhere has an idea for a screenplay.

Few get their ideas out of their head and onto paper.

You know what?

 They don’t know how to structure it.

Enter Jill Chamberlain, best-selling Author of the screenwriting bible, “The Nutshell Technique.”

 Jill analyzed hundreds of films and came up with a formula that not only stress tests the story you have, but makes the writing easier.  And it works.  It goes deeper than other ‘formulas’ to make sure your screenplay does not end up as a cliche . . . and in the “round file.”

And since my goal has always been to help TheaterMakers like you reach your goals, faster than you can on your own, The TheaterMakers Studio hired Jill to teach an exclusive virtual seminar on her trademarked technique!

The Zoom seminar (but don’t worry – you won’t have to show your face) is scheduled for Wednesday, March 10th at 7 PM EST.  Click here to sign up.

If you’ve ever thought you had an idea for a movie . . . or maybe you started one and got stuck in the middle of Act II . . . or maybe you finished one but haven’t sold it yet (or even gotten an agent to read it!) . . . this seminar is for you.

Jill works with novice writers AND award-winning writers most of who she can’t name!

But it’s why the Academy Award-winning author of Parasite said . . .

 “Jill Chamberlain sets a new standard for plotting stories. Use the Nutshell Technique to crack your story!”

And why the Producer of the last Star Wars (!) movie said . . .

 “Jill Chamberlain’s Nutshell Technique is like the Rosetta Stone: it cracks the code behind why we love the movies that we love. It goes way beyond tired old beat sheet formulas and instead guides you to organically write the story you want to tell.”


 (I hired Jill myself for a private session – and she solved a story problem I had for a screenplay AND a musical in 15 minutes.


And what better time to get that screenplay out of your head and onto a page?  While the theater is on pause, this is a perfect time to diversify your portfolio . . . or just start one.

Register here.  And if you’re a TheaterMakers Studio member, you save a bundle.

In the seminar, you’ll learn . . .

  1. The eight linked elements required to successfully tell a story and not just present a situation
  2. How the protagonist’s central flaw is the single best writing tool you’re not utilizing
  3. How to find that “inevitable yet unexpected” ending that both surprises and satisfies audiences
  4. And two of the participants will be able to go “Live” with Jill and have her “crack the nut” of their story during the seminar.

The rest of us can watch.  🙂

So if you’ve ever had an idea for the movies to write, produce, direct . . . sign up today.

If it doesn’t inspire you to get to work . . . and if it doesn’t help you write faster and better, let us know.   I’ll personally guarantee it.

It’s one week from tonight . . . and e-seats are limited.  (Sorry, but that was my deal with Jill!)


The Nutshell Technique Workshop for TheaterMakers

Wednesday, March 10th at 7 PM – 9 PM EST.

(Live “Nutshelling” from 9-9:30)

Sign up here.

What you think you want for your show. But you don’t.

In the hundreds of times I have asked TheaterMakers what they want . . . what they truly want . . . what the answer to their theater-making prayers would be . . . can you guess what the answer is?

“I want a Producer.”

If this is you . . . if you’re one of these TheaterMakers who have said “I want a Producer,” then, well, how do I say this . . .

You’re wrong.

Wait, wait, wait . . . don’t be like that.  Don’t walk away just yet.  Hear me out.

I understand why you want a Producer.

You want someone to come up with a plan to put your show on a stage.  You want someone with more connections than you have on your team.  You want someone to raise the money. 

It makes sense you’d pray for a Producer.

But I promise you don’t want A Producer.  You want the RIGHT Producer.

Wanting a Producer is like someone saying, “I want a wife.  I want a husband.”

You know what?  If you really want a spouse . . . any spouse . . . you can find it.  But do you just want anyone?

No . . . you want someone who is going to be your partner.  Someone who challenges you.  Someone who inspires you.  Someone who loves you, no matter what.

It’s the same with the search for a Producer.  And the relationship is almost as close!  (And often . . . lasts longer!)  .

For many, the search for a Producer is the search for validation.  It’s the idea that someone is telling you that you are good enough.  Good enough to get optioned  Good enough to get produced.

And I understand that desire.  Believe me.  When I started out, I was right there with you.  All that I dreamed about was someone picking up my stuff, or even partnering with me.  

And because of that, I got desperate.  And I made some big-time mistakes with some small-time Producers (who BSed about how big-time they were) that cost me money, time, and heartache.

(Now that I think about it – I did the same thing in my love life until I found the perfect mate for me.)

So, first . . . you don’t want a Producer.  You want the right one.   And just that change in your mindset will give you more power as you put your stuff out there in the world.  You’re not going to marry anyone.  I won’t let you.

Second, until you find the “right one,” there is plenty you can do on your own . . . that will make you even more attractive to the perfect partner.

And, you’ll find yourself beating off Producers with your script.

– – – – –


If you’re looking for more info on the strategy that I used to get a producer, or what steps you should take to get your show on a stage, click here.


A mentor just said THIS to me.

This one is a quickie, but I had to pass it on, because the words kind of punched me in the face.

In a good way.

I got off the phone with a mentor of mine just a little bit ago.  This is someone I call every so often for advice about the business of Broadway, on business in general (he has given me some great stock tips), and even on fatherhood.

So I called to him to ask those questions that we’re all asking right now . . . when will Broadway come back after the pandemic?  What will the business look like?  Will my prediction be right?

In other words . . . “What should I do???”

His words?  Let me quote him:

“Ken, I have two words for you . . . ready?”

“YES, please,” I pleaded.


Then we hung up.

I didn’t do anything for about ten minutes.

Then I started.

I hope you’ll join me.  Because this is how we make a better Broadway and a better life for others and for ourselves.

– – – – –

If you want to see a video I made of this story, click here.


Who I turned to when I wanted to learn this. (And how you can too.)

Last summer, in the midst of my Pandemic Productivity Phase (the other “PPP”), I vowed to finish an idea I had years ago.

And it wasn’t a show.  It was a screenplay.

I optioned the rights to a true-life story and sat down to start writing.

I have written and produced for TV and film before, just on a much smaller scale than Broadway. I actually won a screenwriting award for a pilot I wrote years ago and directed and produced an award-winning documentary and an award-winning web series.

 But a full-length screenplay?  That was new to me.

It wasn’t too long after typing the title page . . . that I realized I needed help.

And who doesn’t need help when you start something new?  Especially when you want to compete at a high level.  Olympic athletes have 27 different kinds of coaches.  Our own Broadway performers train for decades to learn to sing and dance at the highest level.

But for some reason, many people think writing is au naturel or nothing.

Not me.

That’s why I immediately drown myself in studying screenplays. From Syd Field’s classic Screenplay to the obligatory Save The Cat to Aaron Sorkin’s Masterclass and more.

And they were all good.  And they all helped.

But one stood out.

And I shouldn’t have been surprised, since it’s one of the Best Selling book on Screenwriting on Amazon.com.

Jill Chamberlain’s Nutshell Technique

Her book broke out the structure of the screenplay so simply, that . . . well . . . I had to meet her.

 I booked private coaching with her, told her about my story and what I wanted to do . . . and bam . . . she made my story better in about 30 minutes.

That’s when I knew YOU had to meet her.

So, in partnership with TheTheaterMakersStudio, I booked Jill for an exclusive private presentation just for you.

Jill herself will be teaching a virtual seminar on “The Nutshell Technique For Your Screenplay (Or Your Show!)” on Wednesday, March 10th at 7 PM.

You can sign up here.

In two hours, Jill is going to break down her best-selling beat-sheet for successful screenplays.  You’ll leave the Zoom Room with a map on how to tell your story.  If your screenplay is done . . . you’ll see where the weak points are that you need to bolster.

 But after my time with Jill, I can guarantee you this . . . your story will be better.  (And you’ll also be jazzed to get to work on it – because so much of how to shape these things will make so much more sense.)

And yeah, in case you’re wondering because a story is a story, The Nutshell Technique works for shows too.  (I already made three changes to a musical I’m working on as a result of my time with Jill.)

Book the seminar here.

3 Things You Can Learn From Jeff Bezos To Apply To Your TheaterMaking.

Love him or hate him, Jeff Bezos is a genius.

He took an online book store in the mid 90s (before 90% of you reading this blog even had internet) to one of the biggest companies in the world. And he became the richest person in the world in the process. (He goes back and forth with Elon Musk for that top spot, by the way).

And he shocked the world 48 hours ago when he announced he was stepping down from the day-to-day operations of Amazon. (And miraculously, the stock didn’t sink – THAT’S how good the company is.)

He’s got his critics . . . for sure.  But so does Stephen Sondheim. And he has screwed up from time to time. But so has Stephen Sondheim.

There is still a ton to learn from him in how to build ANY business . . . include a business in TheaterMaking.

And wait wait wait . . . if you think, “Oh, I’m a writer, there’s nothing I can learn from Jeff Bezos,” well, to put it politely, my dear friend . . . you’re wrong.

The greatest businesspeople, from Jeff Bezos to Elon Musk to Oprah to Sara Blakely to Henry Ford to Marie Van Brittan Brown are artists. They make something where there was nothing. And then they get people to buy it.

They deserve our study just like Sondheim.

And here are five things YOU can learn from Jeff Bezos.

  1. His customers (audience) came first. Here’s the bumper sticker mission statement of Amazon: “We aim to be Earth’s most customer centric company.” Now think about what you love about Amazon and why you buy so much on Amazon. Fast delivery. Free delivery. No question returns. Every product you can imagine.He pushed and pushed and pushed, always thinking about his customer’s experience, even if it cost him money, or even if it cost him vendors.You can write, produce, direct, act or whatever for yourself . . . that’s fine . . .  just don’t be upset if people don’t buy tickets to it.
  2. Look to his first domain name for a clue on how he got to where he is. Everyone knows it takes passion to become a success in whatever it is you want to do, from creating a shopping site to making theater. But it also takes something else, and Bezos knew it from his humble beginnings. In fact, he knew it was so important that he bought a domain name for that characteristic.Don’t know what I’m talking about?  Well, here’s a hint . . . visit www.Relentless.com.  Look where it takes you.  :-)You can’t just have passion, you have to direct that passion into action. And not stop. Even when people are telling you to stop. Be as relentless as a jackhammer against concrete . . . because that’s how hard this business can be.  But eventually, you will crack it open. If you are you know what.
  3. What you think makes him money, isn’t what makes him money. You think Amazon makes all those billions from selling stuff, don’t you?  Well, that’s not it!See, they not only sell stuff.  They make stuff. They see what people buy the most of, and then they make it.  Batteries, baby wipes, emoji balls, doesn’t matter.  (This is where he gets a bad rep, by the way, because he’s squeezing other sellers out with all his data.)But that’s not even where they make the most money.They also let other people sell their stuff and act like an e-bay middle man.  That’s how my board game Be A Broadway Star is sold, and boy oh boy do I complain every month about their high fees.  But where else can I get so many customers handed to me on a silver browser?

    But THAT’S not where Bezos makes his billions either!

    A big driver of the profit at Amazon is Amazon Web Services – a boring cloud computing division that was born from the fact they had to have all these servers for themselves, so they just starting “subletting” them!

    Profit from many revenue streams is what gives Bezos a foundation to risk in other areas.

    And you should adopt a similar strategy.  I’m not just talking about a day job.  I’m talking about having a more diverse writer or director portfolio.  You should have plays and musicals and movies and pilots and so on.  But yes, I’m also talking about another business or side-hustle which pays MORE than your bills so you can dedicate more time to your theatergoing.

    Don’t know what that is yet?  Find it in 2021.  There are more ways for you to generate income based on something you’re already doing than ever before.  You just need to learn how to market it (try this company for tips.)


Do you know what Bezos is going to focus on next?  His space travel company. 

Something tells me he’s going to get there.

You can get to where you want to go by following the Bezos way.

For more on how he did it, read this Bezos biography.  Which, yes, you should get on Amazon.com.