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The theater is a collaborative art form.  Even one-person shows can’t be done on their own.  (At the very least, you need at least one person in your audience!)

The cool thing about meeting the right collaborator is that your energy to make something happen doubles, triples, and increases exponentially with each person you add.  And then one day, you’ll find yourself sitting in a Broadway theater teching your show, looking around at the hundred people working on it with you. . . and remembering when it was just you, in your room, with an idea (yes, I’ve had this moment several times).

This is why we encourage TheaterMakers to meet other TheaterMakers and get them signed up on their show, or simply just meet for coffee and brainstorm!

And, believe it or not, one of the most common questions I get asked is . . . “Ken, where can I find a Director/Designer/Composer/Orchestrator/Actor, etc.”  Shocking, right?  Because we all know how many people are desperately looking to work as a Director/Designer/Composer/Orchestrator/Actor, etc.

That’s why we’ve started a TheaterMaker Production Team Database . . . so when you need someone for your show . . . or if you’re a TheaterMaker looking for a job on a show . . . you know where to look.

Post your profile if you’re a Director of plays or a Choreographer of musicals.  Or a Writer, Investor, Designer or whatever.

Search through the profiles if you’re looking for any of the above, or are just looking to meet someone who shares the same passion of making shows as you do, and see what you can cook up together.

Whatever you’re looking for, it’s in our brand new, free TheaterMaker Database. And it’s now open for your submission and browsing pleasure!

Click here to check it out and create your free profile now.

And do it now.

Ask yourself.  What do you have to lose by signing up?  And putting yourself out there?

Only a possible collaboration that could take you exactly where you want to go.

It takes 30 seconds.  Sign up and start working (with someone else) today.

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Podcast Episode 171 – Broadway AND Hollywood Super Producer, Paula Wagner

It’s hard enough to make it as a Producer on one coast, but both?

That kind of success is reserved for a very select group of moguls, and this week I got to sit down with one of them.

Paula Wagner has worn a lot of hats in the business on her way up the ladder, from Broadway actress to Powerhouse Agent to running a movie studio to producing movies like Mission Impossible . . . and yep, producing big Broadway shows like this season’s hit, Pretty Woman.

Could there be a better person to talk to about movies to musicals and vice-versa?

Paula and I talked about that, of course, as well as . . .

  • The skills she learned as an agent that help her be a better Producer.
  • What Hollywood does well that we could learn from and what Hollywood can learn from us!
  • Eye-poppin’ idea that could save the movie industry (and it’s so simple).
  • Why Pretty Woman was made to be a musical and why it’s doing what she thought it would (gross over $1mm a week!).
  • Coming up in the entertainment industry as a female Producer and how that has changed.  Or not.

Enjoy the Podcast and don’t forget to subscribe!

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Podcast Episode 170 – Literary Agent, Max Grossman

Agents get a bad rap.  They’re like lawyers and IRS agents.

But they’re nothing like those folks.

I can’t imagine that an IRS agent gets into this business because he or she loves taxes.

But agents, especially those in the theater, are all here for the same reason you and I are here . . . they love the theater.

Max Grossman, an agent for writers and designers at the powerful but still boutique Abrams Artists Agency, is a perfect example.  He grew up going to the theater, flirted with sports, and came back to the good side of the force.

We haven’t had many agents on this podcast (just this one so far – who happens to represent me!), partly because some of the agents I asked couldn’t get permission from their higher-ups (which says a lot, don’t you think?).

But when I asked Max, he was happy to sit down and talk about what an agent does as well as . . .

  • How he finds new writers.
  • That awkward but important moment when he has to tell a client he doesn’t love something the client wrote.
  • The art of negotiating as an agent.
  • Why some theater writers succeed in transitioning to film & TV and others don’t… and a tip or two for you if this is something YOU want to do.
  • What he’d tell all Broadway Producers if he had them in a room at once.

Enjoy this convo with Max and let it remind you that even when we’re on “different sides” in this business, we’re still on the same team.

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Searching for a CFO aka Cool Financial Operative

After 12 years, the guy in charge of the spreadsheets and projections and all the #s at Davenport Theatrical has left us for greener pastures . . . literally. He moved to Portland.

So I’m looking for a new finance and numbers guru who wants to join a company whose motto is “we do @#$% other people don’t.”

We don’t produce shows for the $, but we know that we need $ to produce shows. That’s where you come in.

You’re an ideal candidate for this position if you can teach me a thing or two about Excel (and I know a lot), are a QuickBooks aficionado, understand accounting (and can do some), can create projections, forecasts, and get excited when you do.

But beyond all the #s stuff, you gotta love hacking corporate health insurance so we can get the best rates and deals for our employees, figuring out the best credit cards to have so we can go to Hawaii on our company retreat next year, negotiating the @#$% out of copier deals, and so on and so forth.

You also have to be someone who says, “Let’s go for it,” with a smile when I have one of my crazy ideas, like making a board game or starting an app. You also have to tell me why I shouldn’t go for it because it doesn’t make sense and takes too much time.

You gotta work hard and long, but we promise fun in the process. After all, we’re in the entertainment business . . . and if we can’t have fun making it, how do we expect an audience to have fun consuming it.

What else . . . let’s see . . .

An MBA would be great, but not required . . . you just have to have enough skills to teach us all a thing or two about business.

You don’t have to love theater, or even come from this world (I like folks who bring outside experience to our niche industry), but it might help if you’re a Broadway FanBoy or Girl because we’re never going to pay you what working for a widget company would pay. But we’ll make up for it in helping to make great shows and a lot of audience members happy.

The truth is . . .  you can decide your own salary . . . based on what you can help us save and/or make. So that’s really in your hands.

You also don’t have to be local, although it’d be preferred. But applications accepted from all over.

If you think you have the knowledge, experience, business acumen, hustle and hunger to help us achieve the heights that we want to achieve (and those are high), send an email to kendavenport@davenporttheatrical.com.



Director of Finance – Signature Theatre Company

WHO: Signature Theatre Company

POSITION: Director of Finance

DESCRIPTION: Signature Theatre, one of New York’s leading off-Broadway theatres, is seeking a Director of Finance to oversee Signature’s financial management and human resources. Founded in 1991, the Company exists to honor and celebrate the playwright, producing seven to nine productions annually. In 2005 Signature began its groundbreaking Signature Ticket Initiative, providing subsidized, affordable tickets to all of its productions. Signature is a $12M+ institution and operates in the recently opened the Pershing Square Signature Center, the Frank Gehry-designed 75,000 square foot Center featuring three theatres, two rehearsal studios, a central, public lobby with a café and bookstore, as well as administrative offices.

Reporting to the Executive Director, the Director of Finance guides Signature’s financial policy and direction while also being an active partner with the senior leadership team in planning the organization’s future strategy and implementing ongoing operations. She or he will lead all financial administration, business planning, budgeting, and human resource administration. The Director of Finance collaborates closely with peers on the senior leadership team, including the General Manager, Associate Artistic Director, and Directors of Development, Marketing, and Production, as well as the Board Treasurer, and Finance, Investment, and Audit Committees. The Director of Finance directly supervises the Business Manager, Business Associate, and Receptionist.

• Guide financial decisions by establishing, monitoring, and enforcing internal controls, and operational policies and procedures; make recommendations for increased efficiency and effectiveness
• Coordinate and direct daily and periodic accounting operations and processes, assuring that financial records and systems are maintained in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.
• Participate in the strategic planning process as an integral member of the senior leadership team through development and use of predictive models and activity-based financial analyses
• Perform cash flow analysis and planning to ensure availability of funds as needed for the operating entity and special-purpose LLC
• Maximize return and limit risk on cash by managing bank balances, and overseeing investments managed by external investment manager, in conjunction with Board Investment Committee
• Monitor and confirm financial condition by conducting internal audits
• Lead communication with external auditors to prepare annual audited financial statements and 990 returns
• Prepare accurate interim financial statements and special reports for both internal and external use, through collection, analysis, and consolidation of financial data
• Prepare annual operating and capital budgets and periodic re-forecasts.
• Achieve budget objectives by scheduling expenditures, analyzing variances, and initiating corrective actions
• Liaise with the Finance Committee and participate in Committee and Board meetings
• Direct human resources functions, including recruitment, hiring, termination, and development and management of employment policies
• Work closely with hiring managers to ensure consistent application of human resource policies and best practices
• Ensure compliance with federal, state, and local requirements, through research and awareness of existing, new, or anticipated legislation, and liaise with legal counsel to advise management on needed actions or potential impacts

Candidates should hold a Bachelor’s degree or above in accounting and/or business administration, or possess equivalent business experience, and have five-plus (5+) years’ experience with a major non-profit, operating on an annual budget of at least eight million ($8M).

The ideal Director of Finance candidate will have skill in managing processes and analyzing information, developing standards and policies, non-profit accounting, and auditing experience. Preference will be given to candidates with a Certified Public Accountant designation and/or an MBA, and those with familiarity with LLC structures and transactions. Experience with QuickBooks, Financial Edge, or other financial software, is required. Familiarity with Tessitura is a plus.

To Apply: This is a full-time position starting immediately. Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits include Health, Dental, Vision, FSA and 401k plan. Email cover letter and resume with references to careers@signaturetheatre.org. Please put ‘Director of Finance’ in the subject line. E.O.E. No phone calls please. For more information on Signature, please visit www.signaturetheatre.org.