Cinderella – Equity Principal Auditions


Broadway / Production Contract $1,754/week minimum.
Producers: Robyn Goodman, Stephen Kocis & Jill Furman
Score: Richard Rodgers & Oscar Hammerstein II
Book: Douglas Carter Beane
Dir: Mark Brokaw
Choreo: Josh Rhodes
Mus Sprvsr: David Chase
Mus Dir: Andy Einhorn
GM: Richards/Climan Inc.
CDs: Cindy Tolan & Adam Caldwell

1st reh: 12/3/12. 1st preview: 1/21/13. Open-ended run begins 2/21.

Douglas Carter Beane’s new book re-invents the classic tale of a maid-turned-princess with fresh comedy, wit and satire: with pumpkin, glass slippers, Fairy Godmother and other story elements intact, it is now Cinderella’s turn to rescue the Prince, reminding us once again that in a cruel world the act that matters most is kindness.

In addition to musical numbers from the original score — including “In My Own Little Corner”, “Impossible/It’s Possible”, “Ten Minutes Ago” and “Do I Love You Because You’re Beautiful?”, this new production will include several songs from the Rodgers & Hammerstein trunk.


Lord Pinkleton:
AVAILABLE ROLE. Man, mid 30s-50s, any ethnicity. The Lord Chancellor’s right-hand man. Announces royal balls, banquets and even the weather to the villagers. Must have great comic timing. Traditional musical theatre tenor with power. Actor in this role also understudies the role of Sebastian.

Note from Equity: The following roles are cast with performers who participated in the piece’s development at a regional theatre. Auditioning performers will be considered as understudies and as possible future replacements for these roles.

CAST. Woman, 20s, any ethnicity. Though no one notices her beneath her rags and quiet demeanor, she is opinionated, charismatic, passionate, beautiful and funny. Idealistic and hopeful, she courageously challenges the prince to change the policies in his kingdom – and helps him discover who he truly is. Always her late father’s daughter, she is determined to see the good in everyone despite her hardships and suffering. We see her blossom into a confident woman. Must have strong dance and partnering skills and great comedic timing. Beautiful and expressive traditional musical theatre soprano.

CAST. Man, 20s – early 30s, any ethnicity. A misguided and lost prince who longs to do something important with his life. Though brave and heroic, he feels lonely and unfulfilled. Attractive and charming but not a stereotypical ladies man, he is thoughtful, appealing and innocent – with an unforced goofy streak. Moral, genuine and kindhearted, he is at a crossroads and must take control of his kingdom and his future. Must have strong dance and partnering skills and great comedic timing. Soaring, rich musical theatre baritone to G.

CAST. Woman, late 40s – 60s, any ethnicity. Ella’s selfish stepmother. The epitome of vanity and fashion. A ravenous social climber who values wealth, status and material possessions above all else. Unapologetically dismissive and sometimes cruel, Madame schemes her way up the social ladder. Must have incredible comic timing. Traditional musical theatre character voice.

CAST. Man, 40s-60s, any ethnicity. The kingdom’s Lord Chancellor. Though he is Topher’s trusted advisor, he is devious and selfish. Using propaganda and dishonesty, he keeps Topher isolated and in the dark about his kingdom. Sebastian rules without regard for the lower class, or anyone other than himself – and truly believes he deserves to rule the kingdom. Must have incredible comic timing. Traditional musical theatre character voice.

CAST. Woman, 40s-60s, any ethnicity. A friend to Ella, and the town’s resident crazy lady and beggar-woman. Actually a fairy godmother in disguise. Wise, warm, otherworldly and charming. Marie rewards Ella for her kindness by making her dreams a possibility. Glorious and expressive traditional musical theatre soprano to G.

CAST. Woman, 20s-30s, any ethnicity. Ella’s stepsister and daughter of Madame. Encouraged by her mother and sister to value material wealth and social status, she unenthusiastically joins them in their abrasive behavior. Quietly passionate, empathetic and witty, she is drawn to Ella and Jean-Michel. Ironically aware that she doesn’t fit in. Must have great comic timing. Strong and expressive traditional musical theatre voice.

CAST. Man, 20s-30s, any ethnicity. A feisty, passionate peasant determined to make a change for the starving class. Impetuous. A firebrand, but lacks authority and isn’t taken seriously as a revolutionary. Has a crush on Gabrielle, though their courtship is forbidden because they are from different social classes. Interested in all physical types – he could be scrawny, short, tall, etc. Must have great comic timing. Traditional musical theatre voice. Must understand musical phrasing and have an attractive, compelling sound.

CAST. Woman, 30s, any ethnicity. Ella’s stepsister and daughter of Madame. Brash, self-centered, materialistic, snooty, loud, sassy and bratty, she has a ridiculously high – but unfounded – opinion of herself. She never passes up an opportunity to be the center of attention. Must have great comic timing. Strong and expressive traditional musical theatre character belt to F.

Broadway / Production Contract


New York, NY

Response Method(s):
At Audition

Audition Information


Equity Principal Auditions:
Thursday, August 30, 2012
10 AM – 6 PM
Lunch from 1 – 2.


Chelsea Studios
151 West 26th Street, 5th Floor
New York City

Notes/What to bring:

Please prepare a brief, traditional musical theatre song. Bring sheet music in the correct key; an accompanist will be provided, but may not transpose. Please bring a photo and resume, stapled back-to-back.

Seeking Voice Actors – All Ages/Ethnicities

Chelsea-based animation studio is simultaneously casting three new projects and seeks experienced, NYC-based actors to voice students, teachers, doctors, and veterans of all ages and ethnicities.

In addition to the roles currently available, we are looking for new talent to add to our database of go-to actors. Prior voice over experience preferred, but not necessary – a background in acting training and/or an advanced understanding of text, character, and a natural, intimate delivery is essential.

To submit, email resume and general daytime availability to If interested, we will contact you with audition sides and next steps.

Kognito is an award-winning developer of online role-playing simulations and games through which users build interpersonal skills to effectively manage challenging conversations in the areas of health and behavioral health.

Union Information:
Kognito Interactive


New York, NY 10001

Looking for an Enthusiastic MC

We are a very busy German bier hall looking for an MC to keep the crowd entertained in between band sets, help organize competitions throughout the evening, and basically be the star of the show. The start and end dates are flexible. We would like to start with someone immediately, but definitely have someone with us throughout the Oktoberfest season. We are also open to having more than one person to help cover the week. Compensation will depend on how well you do. You will be paid, but the possibility of the pay increasing is definitely there.

Job Start Date:
Job End Date:
Bierhaus NYC


New York, NY 10017

Family seeking fluent Parisian speaker for salaried childcare position

Family seeking a male, fluent Parisian speaker, athletic, fun individual to sail with a family throughout the South of France. Providing care and companionship to the families two boys ages 10 and 14. The unique applicant will have prior child care experience with excellent references. Summer camp counselors please apply.

Duties include ensuring the boys safety and enjoyment while vacationing as well as tutoring in french.

This is a dream job for the right candidate.

Salary is $600-900 weekly all expenses paid.

To apply, please email your resume in microsoft word or .pdf format to

Angelina Ballerina – Touring Company / Vital Theatre

Vital Theatre Company seeks a cast of strong dancers who sing and act for the FIRST TOURING COMPANY of their hit, ANGELINA BALLERINA, THE MUSICAL!

The award-winning VITAL THEATRE COMPANY is pleased to announce the first tour of “ANGELINA BALLERINA, THE MUSICAL,” with book and lyrics by SUSAN DiLALLO and music by BEN MORSS. The musical is inspired by the original book series by Katharine Holabird and illustrator Helen Craig and the popular TV show brought to life by HIT Entertainment, a leading provider of quality children’s entertainment.

Angelina and her friends, Alice, Gracie, AZ, Viki, and even their teacher, Ms. Mimi, are all aflutter because a special guest is coming to visit Camembert Academy! Angelina and her friends will perform all types of dance, including hip-hop, modern dance, the Irish jig and of course, ballet, and they are excited to show off their skills to their famous visitor. Angelina is the most excited of all, but will she get the starring moment she hopes for? Based on Hit Entertainment’s CG-animated series, Angelina Ballerina The Next Steps on PBS KIDS®, ANGELINA BALLERINA THE MUSICAL is a family-friendly show that will have the entire audience dancing in the aisles.

Only non-equity performers should apply. All ethnicities encouraged to submit. We will
see only adult actors to play all roles.


Angelina is an 8 year old mouseling who is passionate about dancing and life. She is imaginative, clever, and determined and is a feisty spirit bursting with energy. Contemporary belt mix with Soprano. Classically trained ballet. She also dabbles in other styles of dance, including Tap, Irish Step, Hip-hop, and Modern, but she is a true Ballerina.

Alice is Angelina’s oldest and best friend. She is optimistic, enthusiastic and always up for a new adventure. Ballet, theatre dance and Irish step. Ensemble singer.

Gracie is Angelina’s favorite rival. She is a little self-absorbed and very French. Gracie can be quite a teacher’s pet in order to get Miss. Mimi’s attention. She is very serious about her Modern dance. Mezzo Soprano, Contemporary musical theatre sound. Classically trained ballet with Strong Modern.

Fun-loving, easy-going, entertaining and extroverted. Viki is passionate about tap dancing and is the first to try anything new. Ballet, theatre dance and strong Tapper. Ensemble

A.Z. is obsessed with hip-hop dance and music. He is the trendsetter at Camembert Academy, always in the know about the latest pop-culture craze, such as the latest handshake, line dance or cheese du jour. Strong Hip-Hop with some theatre dance. Ballet a plus. Ensemble

Miss Silvertail is the visiting Prima Ballerina to Camembert Academy. She is quite a star! She also appears to Angelina in her dreams! SEEKING A VERY STRONG, CLASSICALLY TRAINED BALLERINA – POINTE WORK. NO SINGING FOR THIS ROLE!


Ms. Mimi is the head teacher at Camembert Academy and is every mouseling’s role model. She is a good listener and has an innate understanding of her student’s, always guiding them to work out their own issues and overcome their obstacles. Legit Mezzo-Soprano-gentle mix. Theatre Dance and knowledge of Ballet a plus.

Angelina’s Dad is a kind, considerate father who guides Angelina in the right direction, teaching her to make the best out of any bad situation and to always have a positive attitude. He is a proud mouseling father. Bari-tenor. Gentle vocal quality. Good mover with Soft Shoe.

Rehearsals for the tour begin with an orientation on August 23rd. Rehearsals will then be arranged weekdays until the launch of the tour. First Leg of Tour: October 2nd – November 17th. Second Leg of Tour: November 23rd – December 9th.

Please email submissions to Holly Buczek, Casting Director at or
No hard-copy submissions or phone calls to the Vital Office! Those submissions will be discarded.
Auditions will be by appointment August 14th and 15th.


Job Start Date:
Job End Date:
Union Information:
Non-union only
$450 a week
Vital Theatre Company/HDB Casting


New York, NY 10086

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