The real stars get stepped on.

I stepped on Big Bird today. And Thomas Edison. And even Pat Sajak (I enjoyed that one). Yep, while in LA I took a walk down Hollywood Boulevard on the wondrous Walk of Fame. It’s quite a big deal, you know. They have a big to-do when you get your star. And then people take …

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There are two kinds of stars.

One that sells tickets and one that doesn’t. And believe it or not, the one that doesn’t sell tickets isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Have you ever wondered why a show cast a certain celebrity?  Have you ever said to yourself, “Why on earth would (insert Producer’s name here) cast someone from an 80s TV …

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More Breaking News About Elaine’s Hair!

My apologies to one of my faithful readers who emailed me about my post congratulating Theater Talk for standing up to Elaine Stritch’s demand for payment of her hair expenses. It turns out that Theater Talk isn’t the only one who refused to pay for Elaine’s hair. Here’s the scoop: In 2002, Elaine appeared at  The Drama League Awards.  She requested payment of her …

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Booya! Elaine Got Called Out!

  Someone finally stood up to Elaine Stritch and her expense antics.  Read about it in The Post here. I laughed out loud when I read this today, because it brought back a lot of memories. As the former Associate Company Manager for the Broadway production of Livent’s Show Boat, I can tell you that a lot …

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