[VIDEOS] Our 2018 TheaterMakers Super Conference.

Since I know most you finished watching Tiger King already, last week I shared all the videos from our 2019 Super Conference.

We got such positive feedback from releasing all those videos that I broke down the door to our e-vault and pulled out the videos from our 2018 Super Conference!

And since Governor Cuomo just announced that those of us here in NYC are going to be stuck in our homes until at least May 15th, I thought you could use something new to watch.

So here they are!

Enjoy and let these Broadway superstars education you on how to make more theater and how to make it even better . . . so that you’re ready when our lights go on again.


1. “Welcome” with Ken Davenport
2. “Playwrights on Avoiding Writer’s Block, Standing Out & Sharing Your Story” with Lisa Kron, Itamar Moses, and Diana Son

Getting work out there is harder than ever, but I am committed to helping you get your show produced. #5000by2025

Learn about these writers’ personal strategies for dealing with challenges when it comes to writer’s block, including how failure is a strategy to become successful, and advice for people who are just starting to become writers.

Click here to watch “Welcome & Playwrights on Avoiding Writer’s Block, Standing Out & Sharing Your Story”


3. “Ask A Producer: Your Questions Answered by Broadway Co-Producers” with Janet Kagan, Jim Kierstead, Jana Robbins, and Larry Rogowsky

These producers talked about what it was like to win a Tony award on Broadway, then move to producing smaller-scale shows, what it’s like to develop new shows, how to choose between performing in a show or producing it, and the differences between producing a show on Broadway and Off-Broadway.

Click here to watch “Ask A Producer: Your Questions Answered by Broadway Co-Producers”


4. “Theatre Law Crash Course: Business Structure & Rights Acquisition” with M. Kilburg Reedy

In this presentation, M. Kilburg Reedy talked about what a contract is, what the deal terms are for one, the types of theater contracts, and who gets ownership of the copyright.

Click here to watch “Theatre Law Crash Course: Business Structure & Rights Acquisition”!


5. “The Agent Approach: Literary Agents Talk Submissions & Negotiation” with Vern Co, Mark Orsini, and Kate Pines

They discussed what literary agents DON’T do, what the best way to approach an agent is, the “dos and don’ts” of negotiating with a literary agent from the artists’ perspective, how to prepare for a negotiation, and the process of taking a work from stage to screen. 

Click here to watch “The Agent Approach: Literary Agents Talk Submissions & Negotiation”!


6. “The Perfect Partnership: Powerhouse Collaborators on Working as a Team” with Stephen C. Byrd, Alia Jones Harvey, Des McAnuff, Sergio Trujillo, Steven Sater, and Duncan Sheik

In this panel, they talked about how they started collaborating and why they continue to work together, what factors are involved when picking new collaborators for a piece, and how to balance the time spent giving feedback to living writers.

Click here to watch “The Perfect Partnership: Powerhouse Collaborators on Working as a Team”!


7. “The Art of Raising Money” with Neal Shenoy

In this presentation, Neal talks about how he got into storytelling as well as the importance of storytelling, the elements of a good story, how to write a good story, how to tell your story, and what a high concept pitch is.

Click here to watch “The Art of Raising Money”!


8. “Commercial Producers & Non Profit Leaders on Making Theatre in 2018” with Diane Borger, Kristin Caskey, and Neil Pepe

Learn about how the relationship between commercial producers and non-profit leaders is evolving, why non-profit leaders want to enter into a partnership with a commercial producer and how they chose the producer for a show, and examples of this type of partnership going over well.

Click here to watch “Commercial Producers & Non Profit Leaders on Making Theatre in 2018”!


9. “Welcome Back” with Mark Brymer, Amy Drake, and Jeff Foy
10. “Media Blitz: How to Get Press That Sells Tickets” with Emily McGill, Susan L. Schulman, and Keith Sherman

Hear from some Inner Circle members on how they got involved with the Inner Circle and how it has helped them to get their shows produced.

In this panel about the media, they talk about how everything they do is working towards selling tickets for a show, what they have done in the past that was successful, and if press stunts are still relevant with today’s technology.

Click here to watch “Welcome Back & Media Blitz: How to Get Press That Sells Tickets”!


11. “Developing an Audience” with Tom Melcher

In this presentation about how to develop your audience, Tom Melcher explains what his website, Show-Score, is as well as how useful it is for the theater community, and how you can find your audience.

Click here to watch “Developing an Audience”!


12. “License to Sell: How to Make $$$ Beyond Broadway” with Jason Cocovinis, Michael Q. Fellmeth, and Jim Hoare

Learn about how your show can make money outside of New York City by licensing it, as well as the general time frame for licensing, some “dos and don’ts” of licensing, the different types of licensing deals, and why it’s important to have an open relationship with your licensing house or agent.

Click here to watch “License to Sell: How to Make $$$ Beyond Broadway”!


13. “Keynote Presentation” with John Cariani
14. “Closing Remarks” with Ken Davenport

In his Keynote speech, John Cariani talks about what makes live theatre so special, his hopes for people in the theater industry, and his advice for playwrights, including how diversity and representation are important. 

The 2018 Super Conference came to a close with the giving away of money, and how all of you can work towards success by utilizing the tips given in each of the panels and presentations.

Click here to watch “Keynote Presentation & Closing Remarks”!


I am going LIVE tonight (and every night) with special guest and Broadway’s Mean Girl, Kate Rockwell. Tune in tonight at 8pm EDT over on my Facebook.

Now that you’ve finished binge-watching Tiger King . . . do this. [UPDATED 4/24/2020)

We’re 5 weeks into our stay-at-home now, which means the binge-watching and binge-baking have probably lost their charm.

If you’re a TheaterMaker and you’re looking for something else to do, I’ve got some ideas not only on what to do, but how to do it.

And on Thursday at 6 PM EDT (TOMORROW!), I’m going to share them in a free webinar aptly entitled, “How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Of Their Quaran-time.”

See, the irony is, just because the world is inactive, doesn’t mean we can afford to be.  If we want to write theater, produce theater, act in theater, direct in theater, etc, we’re going to figure out how to do more, in less time.  Because the world is going to look different when this is all over.

And I believe the people who are examining what they have to do during their quaran-time are the ones who will succeed after it.

So I’ve been doing a ton of research on what the smartest minds in the arts, in entrepreneurship and in personal development are not only suggesting people do, but are also doing themselves.  And it’s working for them, for me . . . and now I want to share it with you.

Because if any of it can help you make more theater, then it will help me get to my #5000By2025 mission.

So join me for this free online (of course) talk tomorrow night at 6 PM EDT.

FYI, we already have a few hundred folks signed up, so make sure you RSVP now to reserve your spot (as you probably already know, these streaming services have limits to the number of folks who can join one room).

I hope to see you there, because if you want to make theater, I know this can help you make more of it.

And what do you have to lose if it doesn’t?  You can always start Tiger King over again when I’m done.

Join me and a few hundred other TheaterMakers just like you tomorrow at 6 PM by signing up here.

– – – – – – – –
UPDATE!  This webinar was one of the most popular we’ve ever done, so by popular demand, we’ve now made it available on replay!
Click here to find out when you can see what you missed.  You have nothing to lose by watching . . . except some advice that could get your show off the ground.  So watch!
– – – –

[Updated] THIS WEEK ON THE LIVESTREAM: Jason Alexander, Justin Guarini, Kate Rockwell, and More!

Thank you to everyone who tuned into our Godspell Reunion last night! I had so much fun catching up with Danny Goldstein, Morgan James, Wallace Smith, Hunter Parrish, Anna Maria Perez de Tagle, Nick Blaemire, Julia Mattison, George Salazar, Telly Leung, Eric Michael Krop, Corey Mach, Chris Gattelli, and our surprise guests Stephen Schwartz and Jennifer Tepper!

Catch the replay here!

And thank you for helping us raise money and awareness for The Actors Fund. If you can spare a few dollars during this uncertain time, you can still donate here.

And now . . . we kick off Week 4 of The Producer’s Perspective LIVE!



Monday, April 13th – Jason Alexander (Actor/Director – “Seinfeld”, “Pretty Woman”, Merrily We Roll Along) 

Tuesday, April 14th – Kathleen Marshall (Director/Choreographer – In Transit, Nice Work If You Can Get It, Anything Goes)

Wednesday, April 15th – David Kurs (Artistic Director – Deaf West Theatre)

Thursday, April 16th – Gideon Glick (#BroadwayFeedsBellevue & Actor – To Kill A Mockingbird, Little Shop of Horrors)

Friday, April 17th – Kate Rockwell (Actor – Mean Girls, Bring It On The Musical, Rock of Ages)

Saturday, April 18th – Marilu Henner (Actor – Gettin’ The Band Back Together, Chicago)

Sunday, April 19th – Justin Guarini (Actor/Podcaster/Artrepenuer – In Transit, Wicked, “American Idol”)


We are going LIVE every night at 8pm EDT (7pm CDT/ 6pm MDT/ 5pm PDT). Follow me on Facebook to get notified as soon as we hit the “GO LIVE” button.

To see who’s coming up next, visit www.TheProducersPerspective.com/LIVE.

How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Of Their Quaran-time.

You know what I’ve been doing more of during this curtain-down time?

Talking to a lot of people a heck of a lot smarter than me.

Some of those people are the enlightening Broadway Superpowers who have been shootin’ me up with good ju-ju every night at 8 on my livestream.

But I’ve also been talking to my business coach, the members of my entrepreneurial mastermind, marketing gurus, my therapist, my Dad, artists, and a whole bunch of other folks who run their own businesses and are faced with the huge challenges facing us all right now.

My question to all of them has been . . . “This is a dark time for so many reasons.  How do we take this time of personal and professional lockdown . . . and come out of it stronger than we went in?”

I’ve been overwhelmed with the answers . . . some big picture, some so practical and specific I actioned them myself already and saw immediate results.

And whenever people tell me smart stuff, I can’t help but share it.  I’m awful at keeping secrets.  Since I was a kid.

And, selfishly, I hope by telling you all this stuff it helps you make more theater, which will help me accomplish my #5000By2025 mission.

So I’ve taken all of this counsel (some of which cost me a pretty penny), added in some of my own ingredients, and turned it into a “talk” that I’m going to give for FREE (online of course), next Thursday, April 16th at 6pm EDT.

The title of the Talk?

How TheaterMakers Can Make The Most Out Of Their Quaran-time.

We’ll talk about . . .

  • The 3 specific things you should focus on right now so you are more than ready for when the curtain goes back up.
  • Why you need a new routine when you’re working remotely (and what that routine should be).
  • How to market a show (or yourself – for all you actors, directors, etc. out there) when people can’t actually see shows or hire actors or directors!

And lots more.  And of course, I’ll take questions about all this . . . and anything else . . . at the end.

Join me.  Because I want more theater in the world.  And I have a feeling some of the stuff I’ve learned that I’m going to pass on to you, can help you accomplish whatever it is you want to accomplish . . . and fast.

Sign up for the free webinar here.

[VIDEOS] The 2019 TheaterMaker Super Conference

Last week, we started dripping out videos from our most recent conference daily.  And then I said, “Why am I acting like an old fashioned TV network.  Let’s let ’em binge watch like our SuperConference is Tiger King on Netflix!”

So here they are . . . every single panel from our 2019 TheaterMaker Super Conference.

Enjoy!  (And then check out what we have in store for our 2020 Super Conference!)


“Welcome to the 2019 Super Conference with Ken Davenport”

When you get passionate people in a room who all want the same thing, things happen. Now is the right time for Theatermakers: Broadway is booming and the theater world is about to be disrupted the same way movies and music have (changes in production and distribution). Power is going back into the hands of content makers

Click here to watch “Welcome to the 2019 Super Conference with Ken Davenport”!


“Getting Press for Your Projects & Yourself” with Jessica Johnson, Rick Miramontez, and Keith Sherman

How to help the producers make the show a hit, even if there isn’t even a chance it will win a Tony award (Jessica Johnson with Anastasia), and how to work with the digital, marketing, and advertising teams and coming up with a strategy for the greater good of a show.

Click here to watch “Getting Press for Your Projects & Yourself”!


“Getting 80 Hours Out of Your 29-Hour Reading” with Donna Feore and Nathan Gehan 

It is important to know what the equity rules are for readings in order to work around them, and from a director’s point of view, it is key to hire a good stage manager.

Click here to watch “Getting 80 Hours Out of Your 29-Hour Reading”!


“Preparing Your Pitch- The Art of Pitching Producers” with Dori Berinstein, Hal Luftig, and Aurin Squire

Go into specifics early on in the pitch to hold the attention of the producers and then go into broader themes and “artistic things” at the end because that is what draws audiences in when a show is actually being performed. 

Click here to watch “Preparing Your Pitch- The Art of Pitching Producers”!


“Launchpad for Your Projects – The Power of Festivals To Propel Your Project” with West Hyler, Ciera Iveson, and Rob Walport

When it comes to festivals, the readers will be excited to see your work come through again another year to see the growth and development a piece has gone through.

Click here to watch “Launchpad for Your Projects – The Power of Festivals To Propel Your Project”!


“Budgeting for Every Stage of Development” with Adam Hess, Brian Moreland, Margaret Skoglund, and Charlotte Wilcox

They talked about the differences between a Capitalization budget and a Weekly budget as well as the main parts of both types of budgets: labor, publicity, and fees to department heads. This panel discussed how profit is distributed and how royalties are earned.

Click here to watch “Budgeting for Every Stage of Development”!


“Raising Money For Your Show at All Stages of Development” with Mara Isaacs, Tom Kirdahy, and Brian Moreland

Reach out to people who you think would believe in your work and would want to see it succeed in order to raise funds. Invite them to your readings, workshops, and labs to get investors interested in your piece. 

Click here to watch “Raising Money For Your Show at All Stages of Development”!


“Keynote from Joe Iconis”

He got into the theater because he wanted to create art with a community. He was always told that niche show concepts were too specific to appeal to a large audience.

Click here to watch “Keynote from Joe Iconis”!


“Casting Superpowers Share How They Cast a Project and What The Right Cast Can Do For You” with David Caparelliotis, Daryl Eisenberg, and Tara Rubin

Casting Directors try to be “creatively in service” to the vision of the writer and director of the piece. They try to get as close as possible to your vision and the story you want to tell.

Click here to watch “Casting Superpowers Share How They Cast a Project and What The Right Cast Can Do For You”!


“What Dramaturgs Do And Why/When You Need One” with Ashley Chang, Jenna Clark Embrey, Jack Phillips Moore, and Jill Rafson

If you’ve ever wondered what a dramaturg does, then this panel from last year’s Super Conference is for you.  And something tells me you’ll want to run out and get one for your show when you’re done watching (email me if you do – I can give you a rec).

Click here to watch “What Dramaturgs Do And Why/When You Need One”!


“Securing Rights To Sought After Source Material” with Ted Chapin, Scott Landis, and Darnetha Lincoln M’Baye

The panel offered a definition and explanation of what Grand Rights are and how the terms of the usage depend on the owner of the rights themselves. If you are a producer looking for a writer, line up the rights to the source material and discuss with possible writers the potential for the piece.

Click here to watch “Securing Rights To Sought After Source Material”!


“Diversity In The Arts” with Arvind Ethan David, Aisha Jackson, Douglas Lyons, and Melvin Tunstall III

Most of diversity is perceived as who is on stage, not who is behind the process. For writers of color: their work doesn’t often fit into the “race slot” or the “color slot” because the show itself isn’t race-driven, but rather family or humanity driven; the characters could be any color. Diversity doesn’t just mean color but also means gender, ability, age, etc.

Click here to watch “Diversity In The Arts”!


“What Do Critics Look For in 2019” with Adam Feldman, Elysa Gardner, and Michael Riedel

This panel discussed the life of a theater critic and how every critic is different and looks for different things when they go to see a show.

Click here to watch “What Do Critics Look For in 2019”!


“Get Your Show Off The Ground with Ken Davenport”

If you have an idea for a show, write it and put it out there to see where it goes. The secondary schools are a growing market for theater and lots of royalties can be made from them. Get a General Manager so you can spend more time focusing on what needs to be done.

Click here to watch “Get Your Show Off The Ground with Ken Davenport”!


“Keynote And Chat With Stephanie J. Block”

She subbed in at the last minute as the keynote speaker for the 2019 Super Conference. Her first mantra is to say yes to opportunities that arise for you. Do more “yes and…” (specifically with ellipses) because it is not over: we keep working and we keep hustling, rather than “no because.” Her second mantra is to stop “shapeshifting”: what you believe in and what you are creating is important.

Click here to watch “Keynote And Chat With Stephanie J. Block”!


“Closing Remarks from Ken Davenport”

Ken talked about the successes of members of the Inner Circle in 2019 and announced the winners of the Inner Circle Investment Contest. Listed top favorite moments of the conference: the Diversity Panel was the most attended panel, heard someone humming into their phone while in the bathroom, and lastly, a group of people went down to Marie’s Crisis, a piano bar, and had a good time with each other.

Click here to watch “Closing Remarks from Ken Davenport”!

Ken Davenport
Ken Davenport

Tony Award-Winning Broadway Producer

I'm on a mission to help 5000 shows get produced by 2025.

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